Published On : Thu, Sep 21st, 2017

Video – A Tale of a Tank: neglect of several leakage complaints resulted in bursting

Nagpur: Panic rushed among the residents of Hansapuri when a huge water tank burst and inundated the whole area. Had the administration heard the plea of the residents, who kept on complaining of water leakage in the tank, been heard the situation could have been easily avoided. The accident was serious and could have also resulted in a bigger mishap and even severe injuries.

Residents of the area are claiming that OCW’s (Orange City Water) neglect over complaints is the main reason of this outburst. As has been informed by the residents, the pipe which joined valve and pipe of the tank is made of cast iron which has resulted in the mishap. “The pipes of other tanks are made of iron. However, this tank had a cast iron pipe which is weak. If OCW would have listened to our complaints and conducted regular check, this mishap could have been easily avoided’, said Balpandey, a resident of the area.

The incident occurred when operator opened the water supply of the area. As the pressure of water increased, a huge opening occurred leading to vigorous flow of water and flooding in the vicinity. “The people of the area are not financially strong. They deserve a compensation form the OCW as they have suffered a huge loss,” said Balpandey. Many of the residents are complaining of spoilage of grains, Television sets and other electronic equipments.

It is being said that the residents received a short span supply of water which had been complained several times. “We receive water supply for hardly one hour a day. We have complained but no action has been taken. We fetch water from nearby wells. Now, the stored water has flown for nothing”, said a woman resident of the area. “We saved what we could have saved. But it was not possible to save huge bags of stored grains”, said another woman.

“It is a technical accident. OCW-NMC Technical Team (Main Pipiline Reapar & Maintainance Team) immediately rushed at spot and started pipeline replacement work in full swing under guidance of OCW CEO Sanjoy Roy and NESL ED Sanjay Gaikwad”, said Sachin Drawekar, OCW official commenting on the incident.

The 10-year -old Boriyapura (Khadan) overhead water tank ( ESR) is having storage capacity of 22.70 lakh liters. Areas on Boriyapura (Khadan) ESR luke Hansapuri ,Khadan, Jyotinagar, Ganjakhet, Golibarchowk, Timki Teen Khamba will remain affected today and will normalise Tomorrow.