Published On : Tue, Nov 17th, 2020

A Quick Guide To Build A Successful You Tube Channel

You Tube is a place where you can utilise your potential to the full while making some money. You Tube is a big platform and provides a stage where you can very successful. But for being successful, you need to have some tasks to be accomplished. Well, we are here for help!

Here is a quick guide for your aid –

  1. Create A Clean Channel

This is the first step you need to follow to create a successful You Tube channel. You should have a channel first!

So create a channel with your name or your business name or whatever you have chosen your channel to be. But in most cases the users using You Tube already have their channel created either knowingly or unknowingly. So it is better if you check if you have one already. If you have one channel created, you have to then check out for to things. The first thing to check is of you have something already uploaded. You want to be successful on U tube which means you need to have a clean channel. So check out if you have anything uploaded. If you have, then you need to delete everything. And if you do not, then you are good to go.

Remember one thing that your channel should never look useless to your viewers. It should be appealing as well as attractive. So take care. You can even check for some of the best sites that sell YouTube channels and get your work done. Just by paying the amount for it.

  1. Upload Good Content

Your content is the thing that will determine if you will be successful or not. So you need to carefully choose your content.

For that, the first thing you will have to do is to choose the basis of your channel. You have to choose the genre of your channel. You can choose from among various genres like gaming, lifestyle, comedy, cooking, acting and many more. Once you have decided your genre, you need to concentrate on that only. You can make videos on what you feel the audience would love. The best thing to go for will be the trending topics. The trending topics will drive much more audience than regular topics.

And you should try to make your videos appealing and awesome so that the audience choose your videos over the others available.

  1. Focus On The Basics

Once you have started making videos, you need to focus on the basic things that you need to look after.

And here I am taking about the three basic things a video should have to be attractive – the title, thumbnail and the description. Coming to the first, the title of your video is the short idea about your video. It is the first thing the viewers will see. And thus it should be well attractive and should drive the audience towards your video. So you need to make a good, creative and if possible a humorous title. The next thing will be the thumbnail which is probably the most important thing required for viewership. Your thumbnail should be designed creatively and should give the audience the feeling that your videos are the best.

The final thing you need to concentrate on will be the video description. Your video description should have the complete details of your video’s topic and should be well written. It should also have a thanking note and all the details of your other social media accounts.

  1. Take Help From SEO

SEO is like your God Father in any industry you go. Be it business it You Tube, you should take help fromSEO if you want to be a professional.

So what does SEO mean? SEO basically stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is a method of filtering the search results of the viewers. And what does this SEO thing do? SEO primarily optimises the search results of people. Search engine is the system of Google which ranks the optimised videos on the top of other normal ones.The videos which are search engine optimised are ranked amongst the best ones which means that when someone searches for any specific topic, he will find the videos with SEO enabling. So you can take some help from the You Tube SEO.

But that does not mean that you can compromise with your content. If you just rely on SEO and upload quality less content, people will not visit your videos for the second time. This even SEO would not be able to save you! So upload awesome content and then leave the rest on You Tube SEO.

  1. Buy Views And Subscribers

Being successful on You Tube does not mean that you should have good content only. Those channels which have more subscribers and views are more successful.

So you should also aim at increasing your subscribers and views subsequently. But with the number of creators increasing, the amount of competition has increased as well. But you can do something to increase your viewers quickly. And that is buying views and subs. There are various websites selling legit views and subs and you need to just choose the plan of your choice and pay for it. And you will get a head start!

This was a simple guide to build a successful You Tube channel. Adios!