Published On : Fri, Mar 3rd, 2017

A ‘monster’ kills a beautiful flowering tree in Shivaji Nagar

Even a kid knows that a beautifully flowered tree could take more than 10-15 years to blossom fully, being a pleasant sight to the residents and the passers-by. Shivaji Nagar boasts of one of the greenest localities in Nagpur, with residents/ local body taking utmost care of their plantation and preservation.

However, a monster, in the form of a truck (MH-40/N 7251), trampled a very beautiful flowering tree ruthlessly in the bright afternoon of Friday (March 3). The devilish driver of the truck did not mind in ‘killing’ the flowering tree near Plot No 172, Shivaji Nagar. The truck belonged to M/s Raghukul Constructions Pvt Ltd. What is astonishing is that the tree was never impeding any movement of vehicles/ pedestrians and has been planted for more than 10-15 years. No traffic disruption or parking problem of any kind was caused by this tree. It was one of the most innocuous beautiful flora in the locality. The entire tree was uprooted and the truck driver had conveniently parked the vehicle at the construction site avoiding confrontation with the citizens, thinking the issue was trivial.

The mowed down tree presented a gory sight. There was no remorse on the face of the truck driver/ truck owner (Vyasmund Tiwari) even when some residents took the snapshots of the truck as well as the uprooted tree. A helpless old-lady on whose premises this mishap happened, asked for driver’s/ contractors help in clearing the mess but even this was refused by the culprits. Such reckless driving (probably under influence of liquor, as there could be no other reason as to why the beautiful tree was never seen by the driver!!) and careless attitude is a warning sign for society. Several such construction sites are at work in Nagpur where the preservation of trees/ vegetation may never be on the mind of the contractors, less so for the truck drivers.