Published On : Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

A man around 40 years of age commits suicide by hanging from a tree in Ravinagar square today noon

A local man living in Nagpur somewhere around the Ravi Nagar area ended his life this morning. Surprisingly he chose the busy Amraoti road with a lot of traffic as the spot to do it. Eye witnesses report that he seems to have climbed a tree with a rope with him, tied the rope to the tree, created a noose with it, and hanged himself by jumping from the tree.

All this happened right in front of the traffic policeman who stands in front of the tree. When the policeman present there saw the man about to jump he created a hue and cry but was unable to prevent the man from taking the next step. He could not bring down the man immediately since he had climbed quite high and was out of easy reach. The constable then seems to have beckoned help and soon senior police officers arrived on the scene. The rope was cut and the man brought down, but he was beyond help by then.

Eye witnesses testify that a suicide note written in Marathi was found in his pocket. Also cash of around Rs. 130/. His aged father reached the spot soon on getting the shocking news and was inconsolable when he saw his son’s body. He is said to have told the police that his son was disturbed due to some family issues and financial problems.

The body was wrapped in a white sheet and taken away, most probably for post mortem.

The spot where this happened was right opposite ‘Thakur Apartments’ in Tilak Nagar, near Ravi Nagar square. (Thakur apartments is where Dosa plaza is situated).

Nagpur Today was informed about this by vigilant Nagpurian, Saurabh Singh who is a Dy. G.M. with a well known of a Security Agency. He expressed regret that no one could save the man despite it being such a busy road.

Details like name of the deceased are awaited.