Published On : Sat, Dec 29th, 2012

A lot can happen over a coffee…So get your “illusions” clear at “Nescafe illusions” café.


With a lot of food items on the menu during this festive season, Nagpur Today thought of covered most of the restaurants  in the city, but them the team thought that during the festive season food is always available at home but something still remains incomplete and that’s when we thought why don’t we cover Café’s in the city. As the year ends we thought of a little variety and what better that a total committed café shop which caters to every coffee lover’s needs.


The entry to the place was good so I thought to myself why not make a review on the café and see what best they can hit me with..


Ambience 7 /10.

As we enter the place we are welcomed by the sight of the lovely Nescafe Sign that lingers in every persons mind when he thinks of Coffee. The place is a little cramped for space and if you an thinking of getting your girlfriends or someone special to the place for privacy then , you will have to give a second thought but for other reasons other than that it’s a really good place to hangout.

The Décor of the place is simple and that adds to the beauty of the place. All in all the entire ambiance is just great for a coffee.




Service 8/10

The service is very good and each and every waiter attends to your needs in a giffy. For orders like coffee or shakes the time taken is between 5 to 10 minutes and for other eatery items it may vary depending on what’s ordered but one thing is for sure , they won’t keep you waiting that much.

The verdict on the service is good.


Food   8.5/10.

There are 4 categories of food offered:-

1st Category on the menu is termed as “Hot Favourites”

Inside this category we have Coffee’s under the name of Nescafe.

The items include Nescafe…

Expresso, classic, Cappucino, café Latte and many more. The most sold coffee among the list is Nescafe King Cappucino and Nescafe Classic. They sell around 250 cups of coffee a day and the response is good. The cost of the Nescafe King Cappucino is Rs 75 and Nescafe classic is Rs 55.

The next item in the list is the Fruiteazers where the most sold item is the Green Apple Soda which is priced at Rs 70 and the cool Blue which is priced at Rs 75.

They usually sell around 25 Glasses a day.

In the next segment they offer Cold Refresher’s which give a nice balance to the hot items they offer. The most selling item in this category is Nescafe Frappe that is priced at Rs 65 then we have the Nescafe Coco Fappe which is priced at Rs 75 and the Nescafe Kit Kat shake that is priced at Rs 85. The sell around 120 cups of these items.

The last item on the list is the eatery section which offers a lot of variety but a special mention goes to the Maggi Masala they offer under the banner of Little Bites . this item is priced at Rs 50 onwards.

Price 8/10

The pricing for these items start from Rs 40 onwards and if you look into what they offer, the price doesn’t seem much as they offer a pure coffee experience by the best coffee company in India

After having some glasses of what they offer, we came across a group of coffee lovers and we thought why we don’t get an insight from their point of view about the place.


A View from the Customers

Talking to Vineeet Khatri, he says that the place is nice but he doesn’t fancy the coffee to be pure coffee but says that they have a great playlist.

Another person from their group only by the name of Prateek Sharma says that’s it’s great to have a free Wi-Fi zone and that they have the best Maggi among all the coffee shops in the city.

The locations of the place are also very well thought of as most of the colleges and schools are nearby.


Talking to the owner of the shop Mr Gaurang Shiksharthi about the idea of starting a Nescafe Café and hers what he had to offer.

This place has been started by me and my friend Mr Micky Thomas. We both worked for Nescafe Pune for 6 years and were so impressed and attached with the company that we didn’t want to leave but they say that once in a life time you come across a time where you have to decide what to do next and that’s what we thought off.  We loved our company so much that we thought of starting something new but still being attached to the company. So that’s how Nescafe Illusions birth took place on August 5 2012. We hope like we love our past company, the people of Nagpur also take this café shop into their lives and that will help us serve them better.

The place on the whole is a treat for coffee lovers and thus also gives you a comfortable experience with lots of items on display that will definitely tickle you taste buds and for all those coffee lovers this is surely one place you can’t miss.