Published On : Thu, Nov 5th, 2015

A Hat trick for Nitish in Bihar?

Nitish Kumar
According to Lalu, the results of Bihar polls, final lap of which concluded today, is a no brainer. The Gath Bandhan has won, lock stock and barrel. He has already appeared on TV brandishing the V sign, telling Amit Shah and Modi to go back ” where they belong – back to Gujarat”.

Though exit polls, led by ‘Chanakya’ are still showing neck to neck between NDA and UPA, almost everyone agrees that with at least a 1% swing towards Nitish, the results are not going to be very happy for the Modi government who was looking for a win in Bihar for two reasons. To rule over Bihar; and to get the numbers in Rajya Sabha. Looks very likely that both are going to remain pipe dreams.

According to many panelists voicing their opinion, Bihar has always been free from Hindu – Muslim communal riots, even when Babri Masjid was demolished and Lalu Prasad Yadav had Advani arrested to prevent him from entering Bihar, this state has not seen riots. So it was absolutely a misplaced card to play here.


Bhagwat, making his infamous statement on reservations did not help either. It opened another can of worms which BJP then found difficult to contain.

The final results be what they may on 8th, the Share market has reacted with despondence fearing the worst for the Modi Government.

It has hurled down 249 points and will go down further tomorrow…