Published On : Fri, Aug 9th, 2013
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9-year old Shristi provides the talented wings for spreading message “Save Baby Girl Child”


Nagpur News:The message “Save Baby Girl Child” received a powerful boost and wings to get it spread across the nation on Friday the 9th. And the booster and the wings provider is the 9-year old girl and ace skater Shristi.

Shristi Sharma could not have spread the message of awareness of “Save Baby Girl Child” better than the excellent skating skills and feats. She amazingly completed the 3-km limbo skating with style and majestic way.

The event was inaugurated by V K Gupta Chief General Manager, WCLUmrer area. Prominent personalities present on the occasion include KMH Quraishee General Manager (Personnel) Umrer Area, Sister Veronica, Sister Sonam, Sister Mamta, C.S Pillai, Vivek Meshram , Gautam Bose, Sangeet Sinha, Mahendra Verma, Suryakant Hindalgekar, Shristi’s parents. Shikha Sharma and Dharmendra Sharma, and associations, and parents.

The event took place at WCLUmrer Project Skating Rink in Nagpur District. The ace skater displayed the brilliant lombo skating feats which were proved beyond imagination of a layman. Shristi started her feat exactly at 7 pm. She has completed the 3-km limbo skating stretching her legs to 180 degree proportion in 20 minutes, 17seconds and 85 micro seconds (20:17:85).

V.K Gupata Chief General Manager WCL Umrer Area. addressed the function with encouraging words and honoured Shristi with a beautiful trophy.

Shristi is a student of Modern School WCL Umrer Project and studying in Standard IV. She has been practicing the skating at AmmValley Sporting Association’s Skating Rink in Umred