75 owners of stray cattle to face police action

Cattle Stray
With the onset of monsoon, the streets in the city have virtually turned cattle sheds. The problem of stray cattle this time it is worse. There is hardly any road which is free of stray cattle. Be it densely populated localities like Itwari, Gokulpeth, Sakkaradara or posh ones like Civil Lines and Ramdaspeth, the problem is present everywhere. And the NMC authorities were found sleeping over the four-legged menace stalking the city.

However, when the media highlighted the problem and lambasted the babus for their lethargy, a drive to get rid of the freely moving bovines was undertaken. Subsequently, complaints were lodged at 16 Police Stations against the owners of stray cattle. In all 75 owners of menacing cattle are likely to face the music.

The following is the figure of complaints lodged against owners of stray cattle at various police stations:


The wounded and ailing cattle were handed over to Gorakshan and at other places. 53 bovines out of 729 caught cattle were sent to Gorakshan. Last year, 208 stray cows were handed over to Gorakshan out of 1171 caught.

During the drive undertaken from August 1 to 10, the NMC squads netted 256 stray cattle from different areas and housed them in cattle shelters. The figure of caught stray cattle from April 1 to August 10 is 729.

The civic body recovered Rs 1.06 lakh fine from 213 truant cattle owners in July. A fine of over 2 lakh was recovered from April to July. Last year, 1171 owners of stray cattle coughed up a fine of Rs 5.61 lakh.