Published On : Thu, May 12th, 2016

72 colleges affiliation to NU to be cancelled

nagpur-universityNagpur:  Nagpur University (RTMNU) has decided to cancel the affiliation of 72 of its colleges, which are not in compliance with the Board of Colleges and University Development (BCUD) criteria.

The final approval on this decision will be taken in the meeting of the BCUD to be held soon.

According to information, BCUD had issued notice to 75 colleges which are not complying with BCUD guidelines. However, only 3 out of these 75 colleges responded to the notice concerned and requested some time from the BCUD to comply with guidelines. Meanwhile, rest of the 72 colleges did not reply to the BCUD notice.


Five reminders were also sent and these colleges were warned of disaffiliation from the university. However, in spite of all these warnings, the colleges did not reply to the BCUD notice. Hence, BCUD has decided to disaffiliate these erring colleges.

Sources informed that an emergent meeting of the BCUD will be convened to seek the approval of the other BCUD members. The meeting is expected to take place on Friday.

Presently, 662 colleges are affiliated to RTMNU. If these colleges are disaffiliated, then the number will go down to 590 colleges.

When contacted on this issue, BCUD Director Dr DK Agrawal confirmed the report of disaffiliation. However, he did not confirm the date of BCUD meeting on this issue. But confirmed that the action to disaffiliate the erring colleges will be taken soon.

In the year 2013 also, RTMNU had blacklisted 250 colleges without regular teachers.

The university had also initiated disaffiliation action against these erring colleges.

The issue had created a lot of flutter then and the then vice chancellor Dr Vilas Sapkal had to resign on this issue.

Sources informed that this issue will boil again and these college managements are planning to approach the court in this matter.
They are at present waiting for the final decision of the BCUD on this issue.