Published On : Tue, Nov 17th, 2020

5 reasons to start selling on amazon

The world we live in today is slowly being centred around the internet. A decade ago, the internet was just a utility we used for help in some of our tasks. Today, a common person can not go about his day without using the internet for one purpose or another. This rise of the internet hasn’t been accepted by everyone, however. Many oppose how the internet is taking over and find more negatives in it than positives. The debate is neverending and shall go on forever. The impact of the internet can not be denied and neither can be the fact that it has made many traditional ways easier.

One of those ways is how we shop and sell. Online shopping is a constant trend and easier alternate to what we are used to. But other than buying, the internet has also made selling easier. You can now sell your products through shopping websites. The best option you can consider for this purpose is Amazon.According to a survey it was found that many sellers use tools for amazon FBA sellersthat helps them to boost their sales and generate more profits. Here are some reasons why selling on Amazon is the best option for your business.


  1. Huge Number Of Potential Customers

Amazon is arguably the biggest shopping portal in the world right now. It boasts of around 300 million loyal visitors which is a huge number. You can’t even imagine being able to reach that huge demographic through your regular retail store. Reaching even a fraction of that number is nearly impossible for anyone who does not own a multi-billion-dollar company. When you sell on Amazon, you are bringing in the whole shopping community of Amazon towards your brand. It not only creates bigger and better-earning scope but also solidifies your brand status.


  1. Targeted Ads

As stated above already, selling on Amazon makes you capable of reaching a huge pre-built community of customers. But other than that, Amazon also allows you to reach a more specific crowd directly. That is possible if you pay for Amazon’s ads where you can target the type, location, and behaviour of customers. It works just like sponsored posts. You pay Amazon and they will show your products as ads whenever a related product is searched by any user. Just like any type of marketing, these ads can be very beneficial for your business.


  1. Easy Setup and Cost-effective

The initial setup for selling on Amazon is different than traditional retail but it does not mean it is easy. The whole process involves simple steps and it starts with creating a seller account. To register a seller account, you’ll need just a few IDs, tax registration details, and details regarding your business. You will also need to upload a listing of all of your items you are going to sell.

The process is not only easy but quite cheap as well. All you need to pay for is when your items get bought. Amazon doesn’t ask for any money for just listing your products online.


  1. Global Exposure

This is one benefit that is nearly impossible for small to medium retailers. Most of them are limited to a certain region and not even across the whole country. But with Amazon, everyone has a chance of getting a global expansion.

Amazon has over 300 million customers and they belong to different continents and different countries. They give you an option to choose which countries you want your product to be sold in. They do charge extra for that but it is all worth it in the end.


  1. Extra Perks

When you are selling on Amazon, you do not have to ship out everything by yourself. You can instead pay Amazon to do it for you. It is secure, reliable, and stress-free.

Fraud protection is a great and useful perk that can be crucial in any sort of business. Laced with machine learning that can detect bots, Amazon is surely helpful.

Seller Reward Programs are the biggest side perks of getting to be a seller on Amazon. They host contests and give out awards to the best-performing sellers. These rewards include exclusive deals, offers, coupons, etc.


Amazon is indeed a great website for shopping. But you must’ve missed out on the amazing benefits of being on the selling side of Amazon. Here’s to hope that changes and you can make your way of the business easier and more profitable with Amazon.