Published On : Wed, Oct 5th, 2016

5 Durga Puja Must-Visits In Nagpur!

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It’s time for Durga Puja and for the Puja fever to grip everyone in the city. Nagpur welcomes Goddess Durga and her children, along with the mighty demon Mahishasura, with great pomp, show and devotion. Apart from the religious rituals, Durga Puja it has its own trademark features that make it all the more exclusive- here are the top 5 Durga Puja venues that one must visit –



A truly traditional and cultural pooja is followed by the Maha Arti – the main highlight of the pandal. It has been celebrated here for the last 106 years. Talking about the murti, which is made in the school premises, it is made by using pure mud and the water of Ganga River making it absolutely unique. It is organised by Bengali association and Bengali Education Society. Shashti, Saptami, Ashti, Navmi are the main 4 days of celebration followed by the distribution of khichdi prasad and coconut laddoos.

PRINCIPAL : Alok Silha
Contact : 9923387165




Sindh Mata Mandir- organised by the NGO mandal, is celebrating Durga puja for the last 25 years. This year, they have come up with the theme of Vindya Vasni Dham, situated between Allahabad and Varanasi. They have made a replica of the Ganga river and have installed akhand jyot – the symbol of worship towards Goddess Durga. Food stalls and a grand fair have also been organised.

PRESIDENT : Prakash Totwani
Contact : 9049009122




Abhyankar nagar Durga Utsav Mandal has celebrated this occasion for the last 27 yrs were the first who came up with the idea of integrating a mandap into mandir with a theme. This year, they have selected the theme of Alwar Rajasthan that is basically a Jain Mandir. Their designs and lighting arrangements are main attractions.

PRESIDENT : Vikas Thakre
Contact : 9421708784




The Nav Durga Utsav Mandal has been celebrating Durga Puja for 17 years running with great enthusiasm and joy. The idol of the goddess is beautifully decorated with the stone ornaments, and flowers. Management for the visitors is made in systematic manner, and for entertainment – food stalls and a grand fair are organised.

PRESIDENT : Anil Mourya
Contact : 9822704334




The venue is decorated like a bridge, where one can pass through it. The main attractions are the ornaments of Goddess Durga and the decoration using pearls and flowers. It’s been celebrated here from the last 28 years

PRESIDENT- Shrikant Dhok
Contact : 8805064204