Published On : Tue, Jul 21st, 2015

5 best shopping hotspots in Nagpur to indulge in fresh buying season!

top5logoNagpur: It’s the season’s sale galore at every other shopping station in Nagpur. As the offer ranges from 20% to 80%, the guys, gals and happy families are crazily invading the stores around their favorite shopping areas. Right from multi-brands stores to the exclusive showrooms, the shop owners are pushing full efforts to cash on the fresh seasonal shopping mood of the city people.

With the monsoon appearing to restore its pattern in Nagpur, shoppers are finding delight in moving out and trying their hands on some cool buying, besides just eating out.

Nagpur Today treads some favorite shopping hangouts bustling with discerning buyers in Nagpur.


 Sitabuldi Main Road - Cluster of shops

Sitabuldi Main Road – Cluster of shops

1.     Sitabuldi Main Road – Cluster of shops

The first place that crops up the mind of every Nagpurian shopper is an age old shopping area Sitabuldi main road. This glorious shopping centre has come of age and graduated to become a pride of every city shopper. You will find the latest goodies hitting the market right from fashion and trends to suits, sarees and footwears. As you wade through different ‘Modi’ numbers (one often wonders as to why these smaller congested ‘gullies’ are named after ‘Modi’!!!), you will get more of it. Not the least, Sunday open market is among everyone’s weekly favorite! Hold on, there’s also a large electronic market on the hind side of Sitabuldi which has been the favorite destination of city gadget lovers.


Dharampeth Shopping Street - Delight for Elite

Dharampeth Shopping Street – Delight for Elite

2.     Dharampeth Shopping Street – Delight for Elite

Of late, Dharampeth has grown bigger on the shoppers’ senses and often considered as the city’s most elite shopping area. The area is crowded with all the biggest jewellery showrooms stretching from around Shankar Nagar square to the main road. TBZ, Batukbhai, Kothari and Dass are some of the big names in jewellery who have established their king-sized showrooms in the area. You may also find few jewelers like PNG and Sathe at Bajaj Nagar square, next to Shankar Nagar. Besides, multi-brands stores have been crazily set up in Dharampeth to charm the shoppers in a bigger way.


Mahal/Itwari – Town of Traditional Shoppers

Mahal/Itwari – Town of Traditional Shoppers

What can be a better place to soak in some heavy festive buying other than Mahal-Itwari? Well, this area still retains an old world charm of buying. The lined up saree and clothing showrooms in the congested lanes of Mahal further lends itself to Itwari which is prospered as the ‘sarafa bazaar’ – city’s biggest cluster of jewellery shops and showrooms along with ‘kirana oli’, a hotbed of groceries, dry fruits and incense sticks.


Mahal/Itwari – Town of Traditional Shoppers

Mahal/Itwari – Town of Traditional Shoppers4.     The Malls – Hip and Happening

Not only the young and going, but the people with family orientation have discovered their new found shopping fad in the city malls. As these malls provide shoppers with entertainment along with some cool doses of shopping in their favourite stores, they often remain crowded, particularly with the window shoppers! While Empress City Mall in Cotton Market, Eternity Mall in Sitabuldi, Poonam Mall in Wardhaman Nagar and Jaswant Mall on Indora Square give some multiplex hours to relax, coupled with series of stores, others like Central Mall and Landmark are other hit shopping hangouts.

Sadar Bazar – Compact Buying Zone

Sadar Bazar – Compact Buying Zone

5.     Sadar Bazar – Compact Buying Zone

Though not flourished with large number of shops and showrooms, Sadar area still rules the hearts of local city shoppers, particularly those from the area. The book stores, electronics showrooms and some food zones make it the cynosure of the shoppers’ eyes.

Another prominent shopping area includes Jaripatka, ruled by the shop owners of Sindhi community. Jaripatka market has been the favourite den of self-designer ladies who throng there to get their favourite match and stitch.

Go on … soak your senses in some cool buying for the cool new season.

…. By Rahul .. Image by : Amol