Published On : Tue, Jun 23rd, 2015

486 Assistant Police Inspectors get promoted to Police Inspector’s rank

Nineteen Assistant Police Inspector (API) from Nagpur get promoted to Police Inspector’s (PI) rank


Nagpur: There was a major reshuffle in the police department in the State. The much awaited promotions of many police officials too came around. On June 22, 2015 a list was put-up with 486 Assistant Police Inspector who got promoted to the rank of Police Inspector.

Of this promoted Police Inspectors, Nagpur city got nineteen Police Inspectors.  Apart from Nagpur, many other cities in Vidarbha too got a fair share of Police Inspectors.

Assistant Police Inspector Uday Zhavre from Navi Mumbai Police was promoted and is posted to Regional Police Training Centre, Nagpur.

The list of others is as under:

S. No          Name                                                From                              To

01               PI Uday Zhavre                       Navi Mumbai       RPTS, Nagpur

02               PI Mangesh Chauhan               Nashik                  Gondia

03               PI Sanjay Shirbhate                 Akola                   Yavatmal

04               PI Shankar Kore                      Satara                            RPTS, Nagpur

05               PI Rajendra Chudhari              Ratnagiri              Akola

06               PI Umesh Patil                         Nashik                  Yavatmal

07               PI Satish Ghorade                             ______                 Nagpur City

08               PI Prashant Bhasme                Pune                     Gondia

09               PI Harish                                 Gawlipalghar       Nagpur City

10               PI Sandeep Kadam                            Thane                   Nagpur City

11               PI Umesh                                 Gawlipalghar       Nagpur City

12               PI Santosh Tale                       Buldana                Chandrapur

13               PI Khushal Tijare                     Chandrapur                   Nagpur City

14               PI Ashok Tiwari                      Bhandara             Gondia

15               PI Ajay Kumar Chauhan                  Railway Nagpur   Nagpur City

16               PI Gopal Thakur                     ______                 Nagpur City

17               PI Uttam Suryawanshi            Nagpur Rural       Nagpur City

18               PI Mukand Patil                      Mumbai                Nagpur City

19               PI Subhash Kale                      Thane City           Nagpur City

20               PI Rajendra Vadyalkar            Chandrapur                   Nagpur City

21               PI Ravindra Raul                     Railway Nagpur   Nagpur City

22               PI Mukand Kulkarni               Jalna                     Yavatmal

23               PI Nandakishore Pant             _________           Yavatmal

24               PI Shyam Sontake                            Amravati              Wardha

25               PI Mohan Khandare                Thane                   Gondia

26               PI Rajendra Chaudhari            Sangli                   Nagpur City

27               PI Somnath Parve Patil           Beed                     Nagpur City

28               PI Vanmala Pardhi                            Wardha                Nagpur City

29               PI Sunil Zhurmure                            Wardha                Nagpur City

30               PI Sanjay Khokle                    ______                 Nagpur City

31               PI Jitendra Gadge                    Nagpur City                   Railway-Nagpur

32               PI Chetan Singh Chauhan       Nagpur City                   Railway Nagpur

33               PI Chandrakant Patil               Washim                Nagpur City

34               PI Yogesh Chaudhari              Parbhani               Nagpur City

35               PI Suraj Suroshe                     Nandurbar            Nagpur City

36               PI Bhramadev Shelke              Force One             Nagpur City

37               PI Sopan Chittamapalle          Ahmednagar         Nagpur City

38               PI Dattatrey Landge                Thane City           Nagpur City

39               PI Samuel Wankhede              Nagpur City                   Railway Nagpur

40               PI Pankaj Kumar Chakre                  Bhanadara            Railway Nagpur

41               PI Vaishali Totewar                Wardha                Railway Nagpur