Published On : Mon, Dec 4th, 2017

Destiny’s cruel game: 12-yr old ailing boy, mother, two others die as ambulance collides with truck

Nagpur: Destiny played a cruel game when an ambulance met with a ghastly accident. A 12-year old ailing boy, his mother and two others were killed on the spot while five others were injured seriously in the head-on collision between the ambulance and a truck. The heart-rending tragedy took place near 8th Mile on Nagpur-Amravati Road in the wee hours of Monday. The heavy morning fog could be the reason behind the crash.

According to reports, a native of Akola district, Rameshwar Bhalerao (34) was bringing his 12-year old ailing son Akash to city’s Mayo Hospital in the ambulance (MH-41/G 8742). Akash’s mother Vimal Bhalerao (30), and six other persons namely Pramod Digambar Band (34), Shriram Mahadev Dharapwar (40), Laxmi Kisan Bawne (35), Kisan Ambadas Bawne (45), Ambadas Bawne and Ishwar Mohar Mudgal (35) too were travelling in the ill-fated ambulance. The ambulance had left Akola around 11 pm on Sunday. The ambulance driver, probably to reach the hospital quickly, was driving the vehicle rather speedily. As the ambulance reached near 8th Mile on Amravati-Nagpur Road, it collided head-on against the truck coming from opposite direction. The crash was so forceful that the ailing Akash Bhalerao, his mother Vimal, and two others – Pramod Band and Shriram Dharapwar died on the spot while Rameshwar Bhalerao, Laxmi, Kisan, Ishwar and Ambadas suffered grievous injuries. The injured were taken to Mayo and GMCH by the police.

According to information, the 12 –year old Akash Bhalerao was injured in an accident. Family members and other relatives were taking Akash to Nagpur in the ill-fated ambulance. However, the destiny had other plan. The ambulance itself met with the grisly mishap and clamed four lives including the kid. Such was the impact that the ambulance was reduced to steel mangles. Police had to cut the metal cover of the ambulance to pull out the four bodies.