Published On : Wed, Jul 26th, 2017

31st Annual General Meeting of Nagpur Round Table 83, Round Table India, Area III

Nagpur Round Table 83 held its 31st Annual General Meeting on July 23, 2017 at Hotel Centre Point, Nagpur.

Round Table is an international social and charitable service organisation with the object of development of fellowship of young men through the medium of their business, professional occupations and community service activities, providing encouragement to active and responsible citizenship by cultivating the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions, promoting international understanding, friendship and cooperation, along with the extension of the association.

At Nagpur, NRT 83 has been consistently working for the long term national project, “freedom through Education” by building schools, providing infrastructure, educational accessories, health care and any other social requirement which benefits the society at large. We believe that true freedom for an individual comes only through education.
Outgoing Chairman LMF Tr. Nilay Verma called the AGM to order at 20.30 HRS. He thanked the Area Observer Tr. Saurabh Singhania, NTRT 299 Chairman Tr. Nishant Yaduka, NSRT 258 IPC Tr. Nitin Gopalani, NLC IPC Cr. Esha Agarwal and all the other dignitaries who were there to be the part of the 31st AGM and special acknowledgement for the Square Legs of NRT 83 who retired years ago and specially came for this 31st Annual General Meeting. He thanked his headboard and the floor members of the table for their hard work and dedication throughout the year.

Emotions prevailed when Outgoing Chairman, LMF Tr. Nilay Verma addressed the floor and presented the highlights of the activities and projects undertaken last year to the august gathering which were highly appreciated and presented the Table Awards for the Year 2016-17 for their outstanding contribution to the following:

Most Dedicated Tabler : LMF Tr. Paran Khandelwal.
Most Promising Tabler : LMF Tr. Ajay Chandwani.
Best Tabling Couple : LMF Tr. Pratik & Kajal Munot.
Best Project : LMF Tr. Kapil Hirani.
Best Attendance : LMF Tr. Sandeep Soni.
Best Innovation Ideas in Fund Raising : LMF Tr. Punan Choudhary.
Re-Connect : LMF Tr. Nishit Sharma, LMF Tr. Jairaj Lamba, LMF Tr. Karan Thapar, LMF Tr. Vikrant Thapar.
Extra Ordinary Efforts : Neha Thapar.
Bandhu Award : Jewel Ritesh Singhania.
International Wings : HT Ashish Agarwal.
Table Star : LMF Tr. Sharad Agarwal.
Best Convener : LMF Tr. Piyush Daga.

At this glittering function outgoing chairman LMF Tr. Nilay Verma handed over the jewels to LMF Tr. Sahil Jain as the Chairman for the year 2017 – 18. With a welcome message for all the guests and a brief vision of the incoming year, Tr. Sahil Jain announced his incoming team to the table for the year 2017-18

Chairman : LMF Tr. Sahil Jain
Vice Chairman : LMF Tr. Pankaj Tapadiya
Secretary : LMF Tr. Pratik Munot
Treasurer : LMF Tr. Nishit Sharma
IPC : LMF Tr. Nilay Verma

After some serious agenda the Sergeants LMF Tr. Paran Khandelwal, Jewel Randhir Ashar, LMF Tr. Punan Choudhary and LMF Tr. Piyush Daga cracked jokes on all tablers present to lighten up the atmosphere.