311 tons of ‘Nirmalya’ collected, 1.64 lakh idols immersed during 10-day Ganesh festival in city

The Orange City produced a staggering 311 tons of ‘Nirmalya’ and other puja material that was being used in the 10-day Ganesh festival by thousands of households and mandals. The same huge quantity was collected by Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) at various places of Ganesh idol immersion. Similarly, 1,64,000 idols, big and small, of Lord Ganesh were immersed at artificial water tanks created in array of areas across the city. The figures of ‘Nirmalya’ collection and idol immersion stand for the 10-day Ganesh Festival 2015 that was celebrated from September 17 to 27.  In the year 2014, 250 tons of ‘Nirmalya’ was collected and 1,25,000 idols of Lord Ganesh were immersed at various artificial tanks.

Following are the figures of ‘Nirmalya’ collection and idol immersion at various places across the 10 zones:

Zone No. & Name            ‘Nirmalya’ collection in tons          Idols         Artificial tanks

Laxmi Nagar Zone-1            42 tons                                              32000      Sonegaon, Ajni

Dharampeth Zone-2          110 tons                                           38000        Ambazari, Futala

Hanuman Nagar Zone-3                   18 tons                                              20000        Sanjay Gandhi Khadan etc.

Dhantoli Zone-4                                    36 tons                                             12000        Gandhisagar, Dhantoli Garden

Nehru Nagar Zone-5           17 tons                                             24000        Sakkardara Tank premises

Gandhibagh Zone-6            01 ton                                               1000           Chitnis Park, Gandhibagh Garden

Satranjipura Zone-7            23 tons                                             18000        Naik Talao

Lakadganj Zone-8                04 tons                                             5000           Pardi Bhavan Mata Mandir

Ashinagar Zone-9                 03 tons                                             1000           Jaripatka

Mangalwari Zone-10           12 tons                                             13000        Gorewada, Police Line Takli Tank

Sarvajanik Mandals             45 tons                                             —-             ——

Total                                          311                                                     1,64,000