30-40 Shiv Sena candidates to be in NMC poll ring without Bow & Arrow symbol

NMC Poll, Shiv Sena
Nagpur :
The February 21 Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) election will witness 30-40 Shiv Sena candidates in the ring without the party symbol – Bow & Arrow. The situation arose as the AB forms did not reach the said candidates in time. However, giving a new twist to the matter, Shiv Sena has charged BJP of playing a “game” by turning the online server down. The Party is also mulling to approach State Election Commission with a complaint.

“Our B forms have reached to 115 candidates. 15 candidates have been sponsored (supported) by us. Moreover, 15 BJP candidates are entering Shiv Sen a fold. However, the BJP, in order to deprive these candidates of AB forms, “turned” the online server down, deliberately,” Shiv Sena Sampark Pramukh Tanaji Sawant charged.

Harde version:
Commenting on the development, City Chief of Shiv Sena Satish Harde said that it is true that some candidates of the party will not be able to fight NMC poll on party symbol. “But it is not a problem. We will go to voters and inform them about this development publicly. According to my knowledge, there are 20-25 such candidates who could not file nomination along with party’s AB forms online.

Till the last moment of nomination process, some BJP and Congress candidates were in touch with us. Hence some AB forms were kept on hold. However, due to server down at other places, some candidates could not file AB forms along with nominations. A technical hitch caused this jumble up. The party had sent AB forms for all candidates through Sampark Pramukh,” Harde said.