Published On : Tue, Jun 11th, 2019

3 female lawyers stuck inside elevator at District Court building,hospitalised

Nagpur: Three female lawyers were stuck in a lift of District Court building after sudden power cut on Tuesday afternoon. Following the intervening of fellow advocates, Adv Shahin Shah, Adv Sudha Narendra Sahare and Adv Afreeda Azmad were rescued and rushed to nearby private hospital.

As per the details, three advocates were inside the lift when its took halt, owing to power cut at around 3.30pm.

Following there screams for help Adv Sudeep Jaiswal, Adv Vandana Khushe, Adv Shashank Chaube, Adv Shahid Kashyap, Adv Wasudev Kapse, Adv Vikas Kapte rescued the trapped advocates and admitted Shahin and Sudha to Shanti Mohan Hospital, Sadar and Afreeda to Dande Hospital, Ravi Nagar in their own vehicle, where they are reportedly in stable condition.

Following the incident, the lawyers have press their demands of emergency electric backup, medical emergency facility along with permanent ambulance to District Bar Association.