Published On : Wed, Sep 11th, 2013
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3-Day Mahalaxmi Puja begins today bringing more cheers to 10-Day Lord Ganesh Festival

Mahalaxmi at Jayant Pandey House at Mulik Complex,Wardha Road.Pandey here for the last 73 years of family tradition in the house of worship Mahalaxmi.

Mahalaxmi at Jayant Pandey House at Mulik Complex,Wardha Road. Conducting the worship of Mahalaxmi in house has been a long standing tradition spanning over 73 years

Nagpur News: The joyful, thrilling, and, the Divine atmosphere witnessed after the arrival of 10-Day Lord Ganesh festival turns more and more cheerful and Divine as the 3-Day Mahalaxmi puja, too, arrives with God of Wisdom. The the 3-Day Mahalaxmi festivity begins on the third day of the Lord Ganesh festival.

The traditional and ancestral three-day Gauri (Mahalaxmi) puja has now become bigger with families giving the homely touch to the festivities, which bring many families together for the celebrations. The Mahalaxmi Puja is celebrated with religious fervour in Vidarabh in great proportions. However, the ancestral Gauri Puja has now become limited to specific families who are taking the festivity from generations to generations. Actually, the 3-day Mahalaxmi puja was celebrated by all Hindu families. However, some events like deaths in families and other bad happenings forced them to discontinue the ancestral celebrations. But it could be started afresh if the families wish to celebrate the 3-Day Mahalaxmi puja.

Legend has it that Mahalaxmi arrives with Her Family to Her “Maheri” or “Maika” (Mother’s home) for three days in a year. Today marks the significance of her arrival in a colourful religious way.Tomorrow will be celebration of Mahapuja in the strictest Hindu rituals with food prepared in large and different varieties. The occasion is graced by the gathering of extended families and friends of the host.

The festival has a bigger social dimension than a religious one and thus it is not restricted to any particular caste. The scale of celebrations in Vidarbha is much larger than in any other region of Maharashtra.

The Jayant and Vandana Pande family of Nagpur, residing at Mulik Complex, near Centre Point Hotel on Wardha Road, is celebrating the the 3-day Mahalaxmi puja for the 73rd year on the trot. “We are very excited and cheerful to welcome Mahalaxmi with Her Family to Her “Maheri” or “Maika” (Mother’s home). We begin all the preparations for the celebration a month ago. Mahalaxmi puja is celebrated in a great proportion. And the preparations take at least one month. We prepare everything at home rather giving orders to caterers as some families do. Today we welcomed Mahalaxmi and Her Family happily which could not be described in words. Tomorrow, we would perform the Mahapuja and invite other families and friends for “Prasad” and the day after Mahalaxmi and Her Family would be given a farewell marking the end of three-day celebration. In the evening “Haldi-Kunku” programme will be organized.”