Published On : Fri, Mar 4th, 2016

25 trucks of WCL coal found thrown at dumping yard, negligently

dummping yard wclNagpur: With the shabby working style of Western Coalfields Limited (WCL), pilfering of coal is in full swing. In fact, WCL “invites” stealers by dumping the excavated coal at dumping yard rather than at designated place. The dumping yard is usually used for dumping earth and other useless material excavated during mining of coal. The mines in question are Kamptee and Godegaon Opencast Mines. The earth and other useless material dug out during coal mining are dumped in Godegaon mine premises. However, shockingly, 25 trucks of coal itself was dumped in the yard and the WCL authorities were not aware of this dump at all. Some alert people subsequently inform the area MLA D M Reddy.

Taking the matter seriously, the MLA Reddy himself along with WCL General Manager Mujumdar, District Collector (Rehabilitation) Patil, Tehsildar Bala Tedhe, Congress ZP member Shivkumar Yadav, Shankar Chahande and other officials visited the spot to see the dump for themselves. Reddy reportedly gave a dressing down to WCL officials and warned them not to destroy the nation’s resources irresponsibly. Reddy further demanded stern action against the truck drivers as well as guilty officials.

Pilfering of coal, sand in full swing:
Illegal mining of coal and sand is a routine affair in the area. Coal mafias and sand mafias are wreaking havoc with the government property and resources in connivance with Revenue Department. The concerned authorities are found turning a blind eye towards the ‘daylight’ loot. Police Department says it is not their job. It is job of WCL and Revenue Department. However, the same police detain a poor cyclewallah carrying a sack of coal for cooking food and keep him in lock up the whole night. This style of working of police has left the poor people outraged but they are helpless.