Published On : Thu, Oct 10th, 2019

24-hrs Kanhan WTP Shutdown to plug major leakages on Oct. 12

Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water have identified few leakages on Kanhan WTP Bulk Supply Feeder Network at different locations and have to plug them during a 24-hours shutdown of Kanhan Water Treatment Plant (WTP) from Saturday October 12 @ 10 AM to Sunday October 13@ 10 AM .

Following this shutdown water supply to entire Nehrunagar Zone, Lakadganj Zone and Satranjipura Zone, Aasi Nagar zone & part of Mangalwari zone shall remain affected.

During this shutdown following leakages will be plugged
1. Replacement of defective leaking air valve near Uppalwadi RUB on Kanhan Central 900mm Line.
2. Leakage repairing near automotive square which is suspected on KN 1300mm feeder main.
3. Leakage repairing on Binaki Ext. & Binaki-II ESR inlet.
4. Leakage repairing of Nandanvan New ESR branch feeder valve.
5. Leakage repairing of air valve pipe from 700mm dia. Pardi ESR Branch Feeder Line.
6. Leakage repairing of 700mm dia. Pardi ESR Branch Feeder Line.

Following shutdown ESR’s (Over Head Water Tanks) to remain affected are : Aasi Nagar Zone: Binaki – 1, Binaki-2, Binaki-Existing, Bazonbagh, Indora-I, II.

Lakadganj Zone: Kalmna , Minimata Nagar ESR, Lakadganj I& II – Bharatwadi, Subhan Nagar ESR, Pardi 1, Pardi 2 ESR, Bhandewadi ESR : Satranjipura Zone : Bastarwari I, II, III, Shanti Nagar ESR & GH-Vahan Thikana ESR & Waanjari ESR..

Neharu Nagar Zone: Kharbi ESR, Nandanvan I & II, Sakkardara I, & II & Dighori ESR
Mangalwari Zone: Clarck Town, New Colony, Kadbi Square , Gadhe Ghat, Mangalwari & Goa Colony.
NMC & OCW has appealed citizens from above mentioned affected areas to co-operate & store sufficient water for their use in advance.

Citizens also take a note that as 24-hours shutdown at Kanhan WTP is a major shutdown wherein almost 26 ESR’s will not have any water, so Water supply through Tankers will also be not possible during and after shutdown in the affected areas.