Published On : Tue, Jan 28th, 2020

24-hours Pench IV WTP shutdown replace a non-functional valve on jan 29

Nagpur: Nagpur Municipal Corporation and Orange City Water (OCW) have announced 24-hours emergency shutdown of Pench IV water treatment plant to replace a non-operational ball valve at Hudkeshwar area on January 29 (Wednesday) .

During emergency shutdown water pumping from Penh IV Water Treatment Plant will be totally stopped following which ESRs from Aasi Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Dharampeth Hanuman Nagar and Nehru Nagar zone will remain affected on January 29 (Wednesday).

Almost 10 ESR’s & Hudkeshwar & Narsala to remain affected following emergency shutdown are: Nara, Nari,Jaripatka (Aasi Nagar Zone) , Dhantoli (Dharampeth Zone), Laxmi Nagar (Laxmi Nagar Zone) , Nalanada Nagar, Sree Nagar, Omkar Nagar Old, New and Mhalgi Nagar (Hanuman Nagar).

Entire Hudkeshwar and Narsala Villages will also remain affaected following shutdown NMC-OCW has appealed people from the affected ESR areas to co-operate. Water supply through tankers in affected areas will also be not possible as the ESR’s will remain totally dry. The inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.

For any other information or complaints regarding water supply please contact NMC-OCW Toll Free Number: 1800-266-9899