Published On : Mon, Aug 3rd, 2015

20 Batch-mates get together after 20 years!

**Resolve to help needy students of Mass Media/ Communication


Nagpur: Who would not enjoy to be together once again? This is what has happened in the case 20 students belonging to 994-95 batch of Mass Communication, under then Nagpur University, but now RTM Nagpur University, who got together once again after a gap of 20 years in sort of memorable function held in their department here other other day.

Once departed from one another, all of them got disbursed to different fields of profession, and yet they craved for meeting once again and recalling the gone by ‘chummy’ days, and they made it. They did casually meet their colleagues and teachers off and on, and then they planned of a social gathering almost every year. What is significant of their coming together is not just calling the meeting a hilarious moment, but resolving to do something for the poor students who want to shape their career in ‘mass media/ communication’ in society by extending financial support to them from their resources of earning. They decided to launch their first series of help for the needy soon.

Public representative and fore-runner of students movement, BJP-MLA Dr Milind Mane, who happened to be one among 20 such class-mates, shared his personal experiences with the rest of the chums and urged them to be ever ready to help those needy students who wish to join ‘mass media/ communication’ as it is their social responsibility.

The other batch-mates included Archana (Gadekar) Shambharkar, working as PRO in Maharashtra Chief Minister’s Office, Sushma Soni, Gouri Aparajit, Praveen Takey (editor, Lokrajya Masika,Maharashtra Govt), Ravindra Mishra (Hindi officer, Doordarshan), Ujjawal Raibole (PRO, Nagpur Gurdian Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule), Ashok Kolhatkar (PRO, NMC), Sanjay Jog (CEO, Lata Mangeshkar Hospital), Prem Masram (senior reporter, IBM, Nagpur), Vijaykumar Shukla (Ranchi), Kishor Bagde (Journalist), Kiran Rajdekar, AtulPetkar, Dr Vijay Pawar, Shailesh Bhoyar, Vinod DHone, Kishor Padole, Prashant Deshbhratar, Vyasmuni Prajapati, B Srikant (senior reporter, Hindustan Times, Mumbai) and Kanchankumar Biswas (Pune).