Published On : Thu, Nov 28th, 2019

2 more Brits era cannons surface at KP ground

Nagpur: Two more remnants of British-era field guns have been found during excavation work at the historic Kasturchand Park (KP) Ground in the second Capital City of Nagpur. Last month six artilleries were discovered during the excavation of the KP ground.

The newly discovered cannons were found upon digging just two feet of land. The cannons are found on the Killa side of the KP ground and the major part of the cannons is still stuck under the mud.

The exact details of the cannons are yet to be revealed. As the machinery for further digging process was unavailable the cannons will be fully excavated tomorrow or in till the midnight today.

The six excavated cannons which were found earlier believed to be of the British era and are said to be manufactured by East India Company (EIC). There were four large and two small cannons along with their base plate which were seen separated from their cannons. These base plates are said to be separated during the time of war.

The newly found cannons are being said to be shifted to Nagpur Museum located at Zero Mile. Once the cannons are brought up and are fully excavated, the related authorities will decide the place where the cannons will be kept.