Published On : Tue, Aug 6th, 2019

1st meeting of MASMA’s Vidarbha Chapter held in city

Nagpur: The 1st meeting of Vidarbha Chapter of Maharashtra Solar Manufacturers Association (MASMA) was conducted on recently at Hotel Centre Point, Ramdaspeth, here. MASMA members & other dignitaries were present and the event started with lighting the traditional lamps.

Mr. Saket Suri addressed the meeting with welcome speech and announced the schedules of the event as follows.

1. Introduction among all members of MASMA.

2. Review the minutes of earlier meetings dated 01.06.2019 and 01.07.2019.

3. Review the responsibilities of different committees i.e. MSEB Committee & SNDL Committee.

4. =Detail discussions on the matter of Staff Poaching for further implementations of certain restrictions thereof.

5. Provision of training such as work ethics, work responsibilities, work culture etc. to the students of different institutions for their bright future, productive and excellent working atmosphere in their working life with different organizations.

6. Letter of Assurance (LOA) to members by MASMA.

7. Other various routine points as proposed by members.

8. Questions / Answers session.

9. All present members suggested for the review meeting on every Saturday and accepted unanimously.

Amit Deotale, Regional Director, Vidarbha Chapter of MASMA addressed the gathering and described the future plans of MASMA work schedules with implementations in detail for the beneficial at large. He thanked with gratitude to all members and dignitaries for their kind support, fantastic co-operation, valued suggestions and well contribution to make the event fruitful and successful which has always been memorable. Special thanks by him to the Directors / Management of Novasys Greenergy Pvt. Ltd. for tremendous arrangement to visit their factory on 26.07.2019. He announced that the factory of Novasys is a manufacturing unit of Solar Panels by adopting the latest technology which is proud for not only Vidarbha but also for Maharashtra.