Published On : Sat, Jul 19th, 2014

18 murders in last 50 days!! Crime soars to new high in Nagpur as CP yearns for public support

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Nagpur remains one of the most violent cities to live in has been further confirmed by the number of murders in the last 50 days. Nagpur, like any other city, has gradually prospered with better quality of life, higher income underlined by modern lifestyle and facilities. However, there is a stark imbalance of available resources marked by lack of proper shelter, food and basic amenities for the rising population leading to competition, rivalry and in turn insecurity. This rising crime in Nagpur may be attributed to widening inequality, poverty, improper urban planning, ever-increasing burden on urban infrastructure, proliferation of slums and poor neighborhoods, and the not-so-perfect judiciary and legal system of the country.

There is a spurt of small gangs of unemployed youth, who have taken to violence to establish their territory and masculinity.

Area plays a very vital role in city’s violent crime rate include Nandanwan,  Hudkeshwar, Ajni, Kalamna, Gittikhadan, Ganeshpeth etc.

The murder committed by goons in these areas does not surprise anyone anymore. While some murders were committed in broad day-light many others were committed during the night. While some involved old rivalry, motive behind other murders, ranged from loot, property matters, gang-wars, vengeance or simply to prove superiority over the other. There were incidents where goons with prior records of violence were killed or lynched.

July 5: Unknown woman murdered

July 8: Three youths murdered over old rivalry

July 15: Cousin brother killed

July 15: Mother-in-law killed

July 14: Police Constable murders wife by running her over with his jeep

July 11: Vendor murder for refusing free Corn

July 13: Burglars murder old-lady

July 13: Youth murdered in Dighori over Toll Booth charges

July 18: Youth murdered in Mahal

And the list goes on…..

Nagpur is not behind in other crimes, like Rapes, house-break-ins, burglary, mugging, chain-snatching, prostitution etc. The cases seem to just keep going on and on.

The police force in India is constrained by the lack of adequate manpower, equipment, technology & technical know-how and to some extent political will. The need of the hour is also for every citizen of the country to be aware of their role in ensuring the safety and security of society at large.

Recently State Home Minister R R Patil visited the city and when questioned about the crime rate, he made an unsuccessful attempt to cover it up by telling facts already known to us. He is alleged to have said that crime is occurring in all the states. The police are there to control it. When asked about serious offenses by cops in covering up the case of a skeleton being found by Sonegaon Police Officials, and how they had just buried it, R R Patil assured that a fact finding committee has been constituted and a DCP Level officer will lead the investigation and the guilty will be certainly punished.

Recently when Director General of Police Sanjeev Dayal visited the city, he expressed his thoughts over the rise in crime. He had given directions to the CP to strive and bring the crime rate down.

Nagpur Crime Murder Cases Reporter Today CP NagpurThe Crime Reporter of Nagpur Today Ravikant Kamble spoke to the Commissioner of Police K K Pathak in an exclusive talk. When questioned over the fact that the crime rate is increasing, Pathak replied that the crime rate has not gone up but is same as that which was 10 years ago. Pathak added that one cannot see crime in totality. Various factors influence the rate and one should consider various other factors. One major factor is the growing population, lack of adequate manpower, adequate equipments, technology, vehicles etc. However, he said that as of date, the number of police stations in the city has been increased, their jurisdictional areas have been increased, and some staff has been increased. This has ensured that people are reporting crime, unlike previously where people did not report crime. He said that they have increased patrolling by Charlie squads, beat patrolling etc. Pathak told our Crime Reporter that people should also support the police in reducing the crime. People should come forward in reporting the crime, give information about the candescent crime and criminal activities etc. He lauded the efforts of Crime Reporter of Nagpur Today who helped the Police in nabbing a notorious criminal in Imambada.

By Samuel Gunasekharan & Ravikant Kamble