Published On : Thu, May 5th, 2016

15th MCOCA slapped in Nagpur

Sanjay-LatkarNagpur: While continuing its efforts in tightening its noose on the accused and persons with criminal antecedents, the Court slapped Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) on a gang of five including kingpin in the Sanjay Khapekar murder case on May 5, 2016.

While addressing the media personnel, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone-2) Sanjay Latkar said that the investigation into a murder case, revealed the criminal antecedents of all five accused involved in the case.

According to police sources, a case was registered under Criminal Case No 135/ 16 under Sections 302, 201, 212, 34 of Indian Penal Code. The investigation into the criminal case registered in Panchpaoli Police Station, revealed that on April 16, 2016 accused identified as Radheshyam Khobragade and his co-accused had come to the cloth mill where the deceased Sanjay Shyamrao Khapekar aged 34 years and a resident of Tandapeth, Panchpaoli was working. They had started demanding Rs 2000/- as extortion money from the owner of the cloth mill identified as Ajadul Khan.


The deceased Sanjay Shyamrao Khapekar intervened and scolded the accused saying why are you demanding the extortion amount and you will not get it. He warned them not to come again asking for the extortion money on April 16, 2016.

On April 18, 2016 at around 9:40 pm, when the deceased Sanjay Shyamrao Khapekar and his friends were sitting in Tandapeth, Bapu Bandsod Square, the accused 1. Radheshyam Khobragade and co-accused 2. Shubham alias Bhurya Vinayak Binekar, 3. Vikesh Sharnagat Nandanwar and 4 Vicky Ramdasji Bawankar arrived there on two motorcycles.

Radheshyam Khobragade alighted from his motorcycle and asked one of the co-accused Vikesh Nandanwar, who among these is Sanjay Khapekar. Vikesh pointed out Sanjay Khapekar from the people sitting there.

The accused Radheshyam Khobragade slapped the deceased Sanjay Khapekar. The accused then went on to assault the deceased with sharp edged weapon and attacked him on his chest and stomach making his grievously injured. The accused then sat on the motorcycle and fled the scene.

The deceased was rushed to Indira Gandhi Medical College and Hospital (Mayo) for treatment. However, while investigating the deceased, declared him dead. On the basis of the complaint registered by the victim, a case was registered against the accused under Sections 302 and 34 of Indian Penal Code.

During investigation it came to fore that the

  1. Accused No 2. Shubham alias Bhurya Vinayak Binekar aged 19 years and a resident of Tandapeth, Near hanuman Mandir, Near Vasule Vihar,
  2. Accused No 3. Nishant Gyaneshwar Gaur aged 27 years, near DJ Amol House, Near Topra Vihar,
  3. Nikhil Suresh Jambhulkar aged 23 years and a resident of Kabrasthan Road, Near Bal Samaj Library,
  4. Vicky Ramdasji Bawankar aged 24 years and a resident of beside Hanuman Mandir, Ramsumare Baba Nagar, Kawrapeth were arrested.


Of this one of the juvenile delinquent was also arrested and presented before the Juvenile Justice Court.

During the investigation it also came to fore that the above mentioned are the accused in the case. It was revealed by the accused during the questioning that Nishant Gyaneshwar Gaur is said to be the kingpin or the gang leader. It also came to fore that the accused and his gang has committed many crimes in the city. The accused had allegedly claimed to the police that in order to meet financial needs and to create a sense of terror in his locality and to establish the superiority of his gang, he had committed these offenses.

Since Nishant Gyaneshwar Gaur is of a criminal psyche, he was the head of the gang. The cops have registered many offense against him and his gang which was committed in an organized manner.

The offences registered against his gang include murder in public place in broad daylight, attempt to murder, looting, assault and injuring, creating panic and terror among people, use of weapons without license, and other crimes against him and his gang members. These crimes were allegedly committed directly or indirectly for financial benefits.

The cases registered against the goons are mentioned as below

Accused Nishant Gyaneshwar Gaur aged 27 years, near DJ Amol House, Near Topra Vihar, Dadrapul Police Station, Tehsil, Nagpur. The crimes registered against him in various police stations are as under:


  1. No. Name of Police Station Crime No. and Date       Under Sections

01           Sitabuldi Police Station    65/2011                           395, 397 IPC

02                     Sitabuldi Police Station    66/2011                           395, 397 IPC

03           Sadar Police Station         66/2011                           395, 397 IPC

04           Tehsil Police Station        312/2012                         325 IPC

05                     Tehsil Police Station        205/2013                         324 IPC

06           Lakhadganj Police Stn     398/2013                         324, 34 IPC

  1. Hudkeshwar Police Stn 3542/2014                       4+25 Arms Act

08           Panchpaoli Police Stn      46/2011                           392, 34 IPC

09                     Panchpaoli Police Stn      135/2016                         302, 201, 212 IPC

10                     Panchpaoli Police Stn      144/2016                         385, 34 IPC


Preventive Action

  • Panchpaoli Police Stn. 17/11 Sections 110 Preventive Action, 1/ 3 / 2011


The list of cases registered against other accused in various police stations are presented in pictorial form.