Published On : Thu, Jul 23rd, 2015

13 typical ‘Nagpur Students’ at your scan, on first day of college

13 typical ‘Nagpur Students’ at your scan, on first day of college

Nagpur Today:

The best days of our academic life are surely those spent at college. Especially the rudimentary memories, when we entered the college for the very first time! And, how can one forget, the variety in idiosyncrasies most individual possessed, that we witnessed? Would you like to share, which one of the following were/are you during your college time? Tag your friends pointing out their attributes from the following, and share old memories and laughter.  

1. The Sumptuous Spoilt one!

This chap enters the college lavishly, in a luxury car! He’s usually the first one to go to a bar. Richie Rich won’t care much about grades because his father is minting money in business and trades! And maybe smuggling. Who knows?

2. The College’s Universal “Bhai”

This one’s yet an interesting student to be noticed! The moment this person enters the college campus, he makes friends with EVERYONE, barring none. From one group to another, he trots as the universal buddy, bhai, and boss.

3. The clumsy and socially awkward one

The crowd better be far from this one, who keeps stumbling here, there and everywhere! And so, far away from the crowd, he (or she) stands alone. The poor thing interacts with only one thing, a phone.

4. The Playboy

Skilfully the chocolate boy, who knows just how a girl will get impressed.

5. The Rockstar!

His signature is his funky hairdo, the guy who comes to college with a guitar slung on his back. The guy breaks into song at every opportunity, both appropriate and inappropriate.

6. The geek, or to put it better, teacher’s pet!

The first bench belongs to this person, who ferociously keep taking notes. Generally a gregarious animal; and gets offended when asked something he doesn’t know.

7. The Sports Quota Guy

He’ll rule the kingdom of sports at your college, participating in every team and playing every sport. During a sports’ fest, he’ll be the one holding the fort.

8. The authorised Bunker!

‘Classroom? How does it even look like?’.. yes, this one is never seen in class. Because clearly the bunker has better things to do, like chilling in the canteen and having a blast!

9. The hot-blooded Gunda!

If you are ever in trouble, then he’s your go-to man. Also, he could be the reason why you’re in trouble in the first place. Either ways, the dude spends more time picking random fights than figuring out what to do with his life.

10.  The Ms. Goodie Two Shoes

She’s like the nerds but friendlier. She’s a hardcore fan of romantic Bollywood movies and everything else that’s cheesy! Usually has a heart of gold.

11.  The Girl who Wears Heels To College

The heading says it all!

12. The Firang

The exotic accent makes this kid stand out from the crowd. He/she will say that they have just returned from Canada or the U.S, but don’t you believe a word!

13. The adroit Rebellion. Krantikari. Very Krantikari

These people like to exercise their right to protest against injustice. Both real and perceived. But while they usually have genuine intentions, they sometimes get carried away with protests and politics and become a nuisance.