Published On : Tue, Nov 22nd, 2016

1200 vehicles required to transport VIPs during Winter Session

: The Vehicles Management Department has been tasked with arranging 1200 vehicles for the transport of Ministers and Bureaucrats during the forthcoming Winter Session. A total of 3500 vehicles are needed to be acquired from all government offices this year.

Last year, the department had acquired 1197 vehicles, out of which 1151 were deployed on duty. Many additional vehicles are required this year for the expanded Cabinet. The department has sent letters across various districts asking them to deposit their official vehicles. A total of 80 vehicles have been deposited so far.

It is worth mentioning here that the department often faces tough time acquiring vehicles from the government officials. Many times they have to seize vehicles on roads.

Nagpur Division is most prompt in returning vehicles. In 2015, the Nagpur Division had deposited 332 jeeps, 118 cars and 88 other vehicles. This was followed by Amravati and Nashik divisions at number two and three respectively.