Published On : Thu, Mar 1st, 2018

12 types of people you’ll meet on Holi

The festival of colours brings along a host of celebrations.

From sumptuous preparations to splashing colours, Holi has something for everyone.

If you are in India, even the reluctant is dragged into the celebrations, because ‘bura na mano, Holi hai’

Every year on Holi, you’ll bump into these species.

The formal kinds

For some people, Holi, means something as simple as putting a coloured tikka on the forehead. They will even ask your permission and greet you warmly.

Fact is this species is dwindling by the day.

The flirt

Biting lips, winking eyes, showing off filmy latkas and thumkas — watch out for subtle signs from harmless flirts.

All they want is a little attention and love from you.

The guerrilla attacker

These species will spring up from places you least expected them to see. They’ll quickly do their thing and disappear before you could retaliate.

The messy player

Not just the kids who’ll have a field day splashing colours all over the place, some adults will join in the mess with their stash of neon, silver and stubborn colours.

Beware of rotten tomatoes and eggs aimed at you.

The one who only cares for bhaang

What’s Holi without some bhaang and pakodas. ‘Bhaang kahaan hai?’ will be the only thing on their minds.

The ‘save water’ karamchari

When all of us are having the time of our lives, there will be a spoiler.

This could be the building’s secretary or the watchman or an unpopular activist who’s been ordered to keep water consumption under check. Just don’t let them wash your spirits down.

The dancer who knows all the moves

If there is no music, they’ll not participate. They can lip sync all the songs and mimic the cool moves like a pro. Basically, they just need an excuse to dance.

The one with the swag

Holi, for some, is the perfect time to show off their gym results, new wardrobe and style skills.

Watch out for men in tight vests and women in stilettos.

The auntie who’ll spare none

Of course, there will be the over enthusiastic aunties and uncles. You can’t just lock your doors and escape from them.

They’ll drag and chase you around from wherever you are hiding and splash colour all over you.

The perpetual bakra

If you have noticed, there will be this one person who always ends up being the soft spot of all the Holi masti.

Whether s/he likes it or not, they are dragged into the centre and made the source of everyone’s excitement. Don’t be the bakra, be the player.

The selfie queens

It may be Holi for the rest of India, but for these people it’s just another reason to use the smartphone’s front camera!

The peeping Toms

And of course, there are those who may not directly participate, but they don’t want to miss out on all the action!

From their quiet windows and balconies they’ll peep, spy and even warn you from guerilla attackers.

Some of them may even help you with an extra bucket of water or pass on a drink or snack when you are exhausted.

No matter which category of people you fall in, don’t forget to have fun and spread some cheer.

Happy Holi everyone!