Published On : Mon, Feb 16th, 2015

10-12 cars get into rear-end collision on Wardha Road

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A rear-end collision is a traffic accident wherein a vehicle (usually a car or a truck) crashes into the vehicle in front of it. Some of the most common causes of such rear-end collisions is because of driver’s inattention, distraction, tailgating, panic stops or simply applying sudden brakes.

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In a similar road accident that occurred on Wardha Road near Sai Mandir at the Wardha end of the flyover, as many as 10-12 cars banged into the car in front of them.

Sources said that the car owners were going back to Wardha or Chandrapur after attending to the Condolence meeting of former Home Minister R R Patil, organized at Variety Square on February 16, 2015 in the evening.

What happened to end up with rear-ends is when the first car took a U-Turn at the end of the Wardha end of the flyover. The car behind did not have the time to brake and collided with the first, and the chain reaction was almost 10-12 cars rammed into the previous one.

The bonnets of one of the cars which had come from MP had completely smashed.

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The numbers of the cars which incurred most of the damages are:

  1. Toyota Innova MH 31/ DC 1660
  2. Chevrolet MP- CR 5775
  3. Volkswagen MH-43 / AN 5157
  4. Hyundai i-20 MH-40 / AC 5994
  5. Maruti Suzuki Desire MH-40 / AC 3490
  6. Tata Vista MH-32 / C8825

The drivers / owners of these cars who were driving these cars sustained minor injuries too. While some sustained injuries to their head, some sustained injuries to their hands, chest etc.

However, the police rushed to the spot and after completing the formalities ensured that all the vehicles are sent off, clearing the very busy flyover. Chaos ensued for a brief period but was soon cleared with the cops and the volunteers.

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