Published On : Tue, Mar 22nd, 2016

ZP presents Rs 36.86 crore ‘development-oriented’ Budget for 2016-17

ZP Budget 2016-17
The Nagpur Zilla Parishad on Tuesday presented its Rs 36.86 crore Budget for 2016-17. The Budget, tabled by the Chairman of Finance Committee Mukesh Chauhan, showed hike of over Rs 5 crore as compared to last year. Last year (2015-15), the ZP Budget was pegged at Rs 31.86 crore. The provisions made for different departments is as follows:

• General Administration: Rs 3,30, 09,900.
• Education Department: Rs 3,96,76,800.
• Public Works Department: Rs 4,10,50,000.
• Minor Irrigation: Rs 1,73,50,100.
• Health Engineering: Rs 5,34,00,000.
• Health: Rs 1,08,51,100.
• Agriculture: Rs 2,25,65,700.

The ruling party in the Zilla Parishad has termed the Budget as development oriented. “The Budget is aimed at allround development of different aspects in Nagpur District. Social welfare and technology have been the focus of this Budget. A hefty provision has been made for digital work. A special effort has been made for increasing the number of schools in the district. English subject would be tought in the KG 1 and 2 in over 3000 schools of the Zilla Parishad,” declared the Chairman of Finance Committee Mukesh Chauhan while presenting the Budget.

On the other hand, the Opposition has called the Budget a jugglery of figures and a core Budget. “The focus has not been on the aspects that required the special attention. Facelifting of the ZP building hasd been given the priority by making provision of funds. It was unnecessary. The ruling party, in a clever move, has shown in the Budget the money received from DPC (District Planning Committee). The DPC fund has nothing to do with the Zilla Parishad Budget,” said the Opposition.

At the outset, the Opposition resorted to ‘Gandhigiri’ by offering roses to the members of ruling party, sarcastically. “Since the past three years, the ruling party has not done the development worth the name. The district is bereft of any significant development work,” said the Opposition and called the Budget disappointing one.