Published On : Fri, Nov 2nd, 2018

Gambling den busted in Futala slums

Nagpur: Ambazari police have unearthed a gambling den, operated in Kashmiri Galli near Futala slums and rounded up 16 persons red-handed while gambling on Friday.

Acting on inputs, a team comprising PI Bansode, Sub-PI G K Fulwarkar, Sachin Wamanrao Mate and others from Zone 2 of the city police raided the spot.

The accused have been identified as Moinuddin Jan Mohammad Ansari (51), Yogi Vijayrao Aakhre (30), Rahul Premchand Abhange (26), Vikash Gaurishankar Gupta (34), Raju Rambhau Parchake (38), Suraj Bablu Khandekar (24), Sonu Gendlal Borsa (23), Subhash Katiram Khawas (40), Chandrabhan Matorao Khapekar (50), Vikky Lotanprasad Gour (34), Dhaval Arun Kut (33), Alok Ramesh Yadav (28), Nilesh Vinod Meshram (25), Santosh Shamlal Gour, Pavan Kuldas Barve (36), Roshan Mahadev Gonje (30).

However Pankaj alias Bhalla, Sachin Chavhan and Sajid Husain managed to fled from the spot, informed detained accused.

Cops have seized cash, cellphones, vehicles, playing cards and other material collectively worth over Rs 3.43 lakh.
Ambazari police have registered an offence under Section 12 of the Maharashtra Gambling Act against the accused and started the probe.