Published On : Wed, May 7th, 2014

Youths blackmailing ayurvedic doctor over fake video arrested in Jaripatka

Nagpur News.

Jaripatka police arrested two youths and booked few others for blackmailing an ayurvedic doctor. The accused shot his video in which he was shown administering saline without having requisite qualification. The video was the handiwork of youths who themselves pushed the doctor into emotional trap to administer saline to one of their relatives, only to catch him in the camera. They then demanded Rs 2 lakh from him. The doctor then reached Jaripatka police who laid a trap and later arrested the accused. The accused are Ajay Shyamrao Barapatre (31), a resident of Vinoba Bhave Nagar, Nagsen Van, Yashodhara Nagar; Firoz Khan Pathan Shamiulla Khan Pathan (33), a resident of Nagsen Van, Yashodhara Nagar.

The complainant Dr Mahipal Vyankatrao Sonpimple (45), a resident of Uppalwadi, Baba Deepsingh Nagar, practices Ayurvedic medicines. On April 30, the accused Ajay Barapatre, Firoz Khan and their mates came to the Ayurvedic clinic of Dr Sonpimple as patients. The accused asked the doctor to administer saline. But, the doctor refused citing that he was an Ayurvedic doctor and could not administer allopathic treatment. However, the accused somehow convinced the doctor claiming to be in dire need of saline. Thus, Dr Sonpimple agreed to the request. The accused then shot a video of the doctor administering saline to the patient. Later, the accused threatened the doctor to publicize the video in public and defame his family.

The accused demanded Rs 2 lakh from the doctor to shut their mouth. However, the doctor paid Rs 20,000 to the accused and promised to pay the remaining money on Tuesday. Meanwhile, Dr Sonpimple approached Jaripatka police and lodged a complaint against the accused. The cops, then, planned to arrest the accused red-handed. The cops laid a trap and asked the doctor to co-ordinate with the accused and bring them to trap. Thus, cops arrested the accused Ajay and Firoz while they were demanding remaining money from Dr Sonpimple.

Cops have registered an offence under Sections 384 and 34 of the IPC against the accused and started further investigations.