Published On : Tue, Nov 5th, 2019

Your Guide to Using Any Loan to Your Advantage


Taking up loans is a simple matter in today’s time and age. To steer your finances correctly while meeting your various needs, loans can often be of great help to you and your family. Depending on when you borrow money and how you use it, loans can also work in your advantage. However, all you need is caution and calculative planning to get it right. There are times when you take up a loan that is larger than your requirement and then fail to use it wisely. So, it is recommended that before you jump in to take up, you should take time to access your needs.

Moreover, nothing is ever guaranteed. In case otherwise, look at this guide to know the ways to utilize any loan to your advantage:

Pay Off Your Existing Debts

You can take up a loan when your debts from different people have gotten out of hand, and you’re battling to monitor them all. Taking a load in such case enables you to pay them all at the same time and will solidify your debt risk installment into only one. Also, loans have a better interest rate compared to other debts, so adopting this strategy bodes well. Most of us utilize our Credit Cards to make all shapes and sizes buy. If you are not calculative in using this plastic cash, you may wind up aggregating a great deal of debt. Inability to reimburse Credit Card debt inside the stipulated time can bring you penalties. A Personal Loan, otherwise called a simple EMI Credit Card Loan, can be assumed to settle your Credit Card debt.

Check Off Your Personal Needs

During a course of life, significant expenses come without knocking the door. It can be possible that you might not have saved for these situations. However, with the help of a loan, you can meaningfully use loans for your work. From the renovation of your home to repairing of your car, you can use credit in making a sound investment. Fixing a vehicle is additionally a decent use for a loan because, in many cases, you are putting resources into something that is going to enable you to get the chance to work and produce salary.

Investment Is Always Beneficial

Another way to use any loan to your advantage would be by investing the money. By investing your money from the initial start, you can create more wealth and savings for your future self.  This stored fortune can then help you meet all expenses correlated with your life goals. Many young investors these days are on a tight budget, and thus, a loan can be of perfect help to fund their investment. In summary, a loan that is used for investment is like any other loan that has been taking with the specific intention of being used to purchase something that will be worth more in the future.

There are various types of loans offered by different kinds of banks. Before taking a loan, you can use an online EMI calculator to know how much EMI you’ll have to pay every month. The EMI calculator is an excellent way to enlighten you well in advance about how much money you will have to shell out as a part of your monthly payments. Loans offered by reputable financial institutions like Axis Bank start from Rs.50,000 and goes on with a flexible repayment tenure. Using their EMI calculator, you can also find out the interest and the total money that you’ll have to pay.