Published On : Sat, Jan 16th, 2016

Young boy gets electrocuted while trying to retrieve a kite from transformer

WP_20160116_012Nagpur: The kite frenzy seems to be continuing in the city. However, it the cut off kite which seems to be causing grave danger to the road users and the kids and youth who run amok behind the floating kite without even bothering about the fast traffic on the road or where they are going.

In an unfortunate incidence, a young boy sustained a severe electric shock while trying to retrieve kite from a live (electrical) structure (Transformer) located inside the Model Mill 33/11 KV sub-station switchyard premises.
At around 2:45 pm, a 13 year old boy identified as Shailesh Meshram illegally entered the premises of the sub-station with the intent of retrieving the kite entangled in the bus isolator structure (shown in the enclosed image). SNDL sources informed that he was forcibly driven away from premises earlier to this attempt. There is an overlooking residential complex nearby and the residents too had also shouted at him several times.

WP_20160116_013After repeated attempts to drive him away from gates, he entered by climbing a nearly 8-ft high side-wall of the Sub-station. He thereafter climbed the structure called the bus isolator to take the kite and thus received a shock during this process. The body of the intruder also caught fire. Upon suddenly noticing this intrusion, the operator at the substation immediately shut down the entire section including the bus isolator and the transformer. The operator, showing exemplary presence of mind, immediately removed his own woolen jacket and doused the fire upon the boy’s clothes and body. He also removed the clothes upon boy’s body which were burning still. The senior team members of SNDL who were present nearby also rushed to the spot meanwhile and helped to whisk the boy to nearby hospital.

SNDL has issued a repeated request to all citizens of Nagpur to avoid proximity to live wires or any other electrical infrastructure and especially guide the young members and kids in their family about such hazardous happenings.

The SNDL officials have been repeatedly appealing to all citizens to maintain a safe distance from electrical infrastructure and avoid such mishaps.