Published On : Tue, Jun 6th, 2017

Yet another woman commits suicide, parents claim dowry harassment

Nagpur: The spate of suicide incidents, particularly by women may baffle the citizens as to what was happening to their psyche. In yet another incident of similar nature Aishwarya Makode (20), mother of a three-month-old boy, was found hanging in the kitchen at her in-laws’ place at Pandhrabodi on Monday. Married in February last year to Harish, Aishwarya had attempted to end life earlier too.

There was drama outside the mortuary of Government Medical College and Hospital where Aishwarya’s post mortem was underway. Aishwarya’s mother Anita levelled allegations against her daughter’s in-laws, especially husband Harish and his mother Kalpana.

Anita said Aishwarya was harassed for dowry. She also said that Kalpana and Harish would relentlessly demand money from Aishwarya.

Anita said, “Harish and my daughter tied the nuptial knot at a mass wedding ceremony at Pardi. We are economically weak, so we could not spare much cash or gold at the marriage. My daughter was targeted for not having brought enough dowry with her,” she said.

Police said Aishwarya had also left behind a note in her diary regarding her suicide. She has blamed Harish for taking more care of his sister, and brother’s wife than her.

She also urged Harish to send their son to an ashram if he cannot look after him.

Police said Aishwarya’s note also reflected her depression over Harish not being able to purchase a flask for her son, but spending on any requirement of his sister-in-law and sister.

Aishwarya’s newborn son’s howling had attracted the attention of her husband Harish, who sells vegetables. Harish was surprised to see Aishwarya, who had been sleeping beside her son, not on the bed. When he looked around, Aishwarya was found hanging from a hook in the ceiling.

Harish immediately alerted the Ambazari police, which has registered a case of accidental death.