Published On : Fri, Oct 11th, 2013
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YCCE Supports “I Vote For Better India” Campaign

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YCCE College successfully held “I Vote For A Better India” campaign recently. The initiative is being led by Volunteer For A Better India (VBI) – a pan-India social initiative of the Art of Living that aims at increasing the awareness and importance of voting in our civil society, especially the youth, and thereby develop a sense of responsibility towards the country.

Enthusiastic youth from YCCE College took responsibility to register themselves and their friends and family for Vote Id Cards in guidance and support of their  Principal Dr.U.P.Waghe and Head of Student activities Prof.Ujwalla Gawande.


As informed they have  registered over 1800 Voter ID Cards in their campaign. Volunteers have a belief that voting is a basic civic right and an important responsibility in the development of a prosperous and responsible democratic nation. Their mission is to educate students about the importance of being part of the democratic process and using their right to vote so that they feel empowered to bring about social change and to assist them to register to vote. This initiative aims to remove the apathy that has seeped into our social fabric and make individuals realize the importance of their vote. The primary reason for individuals not registering and voting are (a) registration process is complicated and time consuming and (b) non-voters believe that their vote will not make a difference. Their aim is to remove such obstacles and myths and thereby improve the democratic fabric of our country.