Published On : Tue, May 4th, 2021

Yashodhara Nagar cops arrest two men armed with sharp-edge weapons

Nagpur: Yashodhara Nagar Police have arrested two men with sharp-edged weapons from Yogi Arvind Nagar and Hamid Nagar and booked them under arms act.

Besides arresting accused identified as Salim Rashid Beg (23) from Yogi Arvind Nagar and Nilendrasingh Rajendrasingh Bais (32) from Hamid Nagar, cops have seized two swords and a moped from the possession of the accused.

According to police, the squad of Pachpaoli cops were on petroling duty when they received secret information about two men carrying sharp edged weapons. Acting swiftly on the inputs cops surrounded accused Beg from Yogi Arvind Nagar and Bais from Hamid Nagar.

The action was planned under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner of Police, Zone V, Neelotpal and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Roshan Pandit.

Senior Police Inspector (PI), Ashok Meshram, APIs Shrinivas Darage, Jitendra Bhargava, Vinod Salav, Constable Manish Bhosle, NPCs, Arun Chahande, Naresh Mokad, Mahesh Bawane, and other made the arrest.