Published On : Fri, Jul 12th, 2019

Yarana-Change Over Banquet (COB) for Round Table India to be held in the city today

The New Incoming National President of Round Table India is our own Tabler PiyushDaga which is matter of great pride for Nagpur

Nagpur: The Changing of the Guard or the Change of the Guard usually refers to a formal ceremony in which officials/office-bearers providing certain duties at important institutions are relieved by a new batch of officials/office-bearers.

So what is the Change Over Banquet in relation to Round Table India?

The Round Table India’s YaranaChange Over Banquet is an Installation ceremony wherein the new President along with his team of newly elected office-bearers takes over from the incumbent President. The official ‘Change Over’ is followed by fellowship and entertainmentprogrammes. The Change of Guard is done with the out-going office-bearers handing over their jewels to the newly elected office-bearers.

The main event of the Yarana Change Over Banquetis where the outgoing National Executive Body holds its last meet during the entire day (July 12, 2019) followed by a light entertainment programme.During the day-long programme, the Outgoing National Executive Body relates to the august assembly all the achievements and the accolades/prizes won during their tenure.

The next day, i.e. July 13, 2019, the Incoming National Executive Body holds their first meeting where they set their aims and fix new targets for their tenure. This will be followed by the President’s Banquet which will be in the evening.

During this event, a lot of pins are exchanged. These pins (both individual as well as the Table’s pins) are exchanged. These pins come handy while raising funds for national calamities and various social causes. During one such fund raising done last year, the amount raised was a sizeable amount.

The Round Table International President Majid Tunda too will be attending the Yarana Change Over Banquetat Nagpur. Tabler Majid Tunda is based in Mauritius.

The Change Over Banquet andthe Gala Dinner hosted by the Tables in Nagpur will be held on Friday the July 12, 2019and on July 13, 2019 in the Banquet Hall of Radisson Blu Hotel in Nagpur.

The Tablers and the office-bearers of all the Tables of Round Table India are working hard to ensure that Programme goes with clock-wise precision without any glitches.