Published On : Tue, Dec 24th, 2019

Wrath of a woman scorned?

Just after Devendra Fadnavis became C.M. of Maharashtra, bringing cheer and joy to every Nagpurian’s heart, his wife had said in an exclusive interview with NT that her husband understood that she was a professional in her own right.

” He does not expect me to accompany him to political rallies or programs.” What she had meant was that she was not going to be the average politician’s wife. She had her own identity. She was a Banker.

People of Maharashtra, specially Vidarbha held her in high regard for this facet of her persona. The Fadnavis couple was perceived as an educated, cultured and high brow couple…almost misfits in politics!

But soon her image changed. She herself broke out of the mould of the professional banker and became a Performer. A play back singer, a stage performer …dancing and prancing in micro mini dresses with aging superstars.

Nothing wrong in displaying all one’s talents and assets, but many BJP followers felt betrayed and let down.

Snide remarks were aired about Amruta exploiting the position of being First Lady of the state for her love of the stage. And of the limelight?

But in an unanticipated anti climax her husband didn’t become C.M. for a second term, despite his party emerging as the single largest. And his publicity tag line of ” I shall return!” made him the butt of many jokes. What followed was worse than ridiculous. He did ” come back” but just for 2 days!!

Later, when three unlikely parties came together to keep BJP – and Fadnavis- out of power the couple seems to have taken the ‘defeat’ very personally. Too personally!

And the sober and confident ” professional woman” seems sadly to have turned into a shrew.

She who said that despite being the CM’s wife ” she would not indulge in politics ” seems to have taken to anti Udhav Thakarey tweeting with a vengeance. First she called him a Liar, then she taunted him about his legitimate Surname. Is she planning to take a political plunge and contest against him in bye elections, we wonder? We will then get to see a new Avatar of this multi faceted person. Amruta the Avenger!

We welcome the possibility. But Madam, please think before you tweet!

We haven’t forgotten your guffaw of calling Modiji ” Father of the Nation” in his birthday!!

Sunita Mudliyar EX- Editor