Published On : Fri, Sep 15th, 2017

Worms found in Maggi instant noodles pack, Nagpur family suffers ill health

Maggi – the two-minute noodle super brand, which faced ban in 2015 for containing excessive amount of lead in its noodles is once again in the news, for bad reasons!

When Nagpur family Lokhandes, family of Ex Deputy Mayor , living in Gopal Nagar, placed order for its monthly ‘Kirana’ with Balaji trader in Cotton Market, giant packets of ‘Maggi Instant two minute noodles’ were definitely on the list.

“Ours is a joint family, and all the ‘chillar party’ (kids) loved eating Maggi noodles. But not any more…” says a shaken Rishikesh, a second year B.Sc. student, son of Tushar Lokhande.

Even recounting what happened seemed a sickening experience for him.

“I opened the packet and cooked the noodles myself, since I am accustomed to making it since childhood. I was very hungry so I began eating the noodles at once. They tasted as usual. But after having 5 – 6 bites, I suddenly noticed something different in my spoon of noodles. Looking closely, I saw it was a dead worm! Then I looked at the bowl containing the rest of the cooked noodles carefully. It was full of more worms! I easily counted 7 – 8 … Immediately on spotting them, I felt nauseated and became violently sick! I must have thrown up 2-3 times. But even afterwards, the thought of having consumed worms, continued to make me feel repugnant.”

Finally, his family took him to their family Doctor who diagnosed that Rishikesh was dehydrated and had to administer saline and also medication to stop more vomiting.

Later, they checked the Maggi packet to confirm that it was ‘fresh’ and not expired. It was recently manufactured.

Rishikesh and his father Tushar looked up Nestle, the manufacturer of Maggi, details on google and wrote to them. They also contacted the web site of Jago Grahak.

As a response a local Marketing guy of Nestle hot footed to the Lokhande residence.

Ironically, he was carrying with him a big box of ‘gift Maggi!’ Rishikesh declined to accept it saying ” I don’t think I can ever eat this again…!”

Rishikesh also pointed out that a Rs. 40/ of the noodles packet had cost him a night of sickness, medical bills and he has had to miss college today since he is still feeling weak.

The Nestle guy immediately stated “do not expect us to offer you any compensation! India has a population of 1.2 Billion, Maggi noodles are very popular among all kids. If we go round giving compensation to everyone who gets ‘defective’ material we will go bankrupt!”

He also shirked off any responsibility for quality saying once the material leaves the factory they are not responsible.

“First the material is transported long distance; then it is with main stockist/ distributor. He sells it to retailer from whom you purchase. Contamination can happen anywhere. How are we responsible?”

Then why does any packet of Maggi say in bold ” Quality guaranteed”? ‘Satisfaction guaranteed’??

NT is aware that there are stringent rules for transport of food material and storage thereof. So are these norms not being followed?

What does FDI and FSSI have to say about this we wonder?

Finally, we would like to convey caution to mothers who allow, if not encourage their precious kids to consume such ‘ready to eat’ packaged food stuff; specially from Manufacturers who refuse to take responsibility for quality.

When Indian cuisine is replete with easy to make snacks like upma, poha, dhokla, idlis etc. etc. why feed our kids such unhealthy non – nutritious stuff?

Granted they advertise a lot, even have super stars like Amitabh Bachan ‘model’ for them, but if you get the chance please ask this gentleman ” is Maggi noodles fed to his grand daughter Aradhya?”

Please, please refrain from such products, even if they are made by Patanjali or any other company.
What is bad is bad.