Published On : Fri, Aug 28th, 2015

World’s first ever simultaneous surgery of Coronary Artery Blockage and Renal Artery Stenosis

Dr Swapnil Deshpande and Dr Prabhakar Deshpande

Dr Swapnil Deshpande and Dr Prabhakar Deshpande

Orange City is always on the top of praises for various achievements obtained, and activities successfully done in the field of medicine and surgery for the first time in the country. And this time, it is simultaneous surgery of coronary artery blockade and urethral duct disorder, that too in city’s renowned  Dr K G Memorial Centre for Open Heart Surgery, Thoracic and Vascular Surgery.

A patient (name deliberately not disclosed), aged 51 years with government job at Akola was brought to Dr KG Deshpande Memorial Centre, here in the city on Aug 12, 2015, for treatment. His complaint was blockages in 4 main arteries of the heart. And, the blockages were found in kidney arteries also.  This complaint was detected in angiography which was got done by him in other hospitals. He thus had high blood pressure (225/120 mm mercury), which was also the cause of heart disease. This disease is hereditary in the patient’s family.

The problem of ‘coronary artery blockage’ and ‘renal artery stenosis’ is common and it can be treated only where there is hybrid Cath Lab, with competent test-team and other experts of this disease. It was possible to simultaneously perform the ‘bypass’ and ‘renal artery stent’. A gap of 3 months is maintained between the two processes.

REnal artery stenting2
Dr S K Deshpande and Dr Prabhakar Deshpande noticed that immediate surgery for both complications is must, and they started preparations in consultation with their team-mates, and performed both the surgeries successfully and also economically. Neither was the patient required to undergo heavy financial expenditure nor long admission in hospital. His both the body parts have been restored to order and they are functioning well.

Both surgeons, Dr S K Deshpandde and Dr Prabhakar Deshpande claimed that such a surgery was done by them jointly for the first time in the world. Prior to undertaking this surgery they had studied all available scientific material on national and international level  researches on the internet.

They claimed that their ‘Hybrid OT’ was the first ever Hybrid Cath Lab in the country (India) among all South Asian countries. Later on, it was developed in 4 metropolis cities,

The team of medical professionals who successfully  performed such a unique simultaneous surgery in Dr K G Memorial Hospital in the city included Dr Swapnil K Deshpande, Dr P K Deshpande, Dr Shrikant Kothekar  (anesthetist), Dr D V Gupta (x-ray and interventional radiologist), M K Deshpande, Irshad Ahmed, D R Bahekar, hospital nursing staff and employees.