Published On : Sun, Jan 12th, 2014

Women in Action: It’s ladies’ day out in Nagpur

Nagpur News.


As the recent report of the Sample Registration Survey (SRS) initiated by Census office brought the fact that women in India are getting married at the later age and having babies later, back in Nagpur the scenario certainly supports these findings. The women in the city too have grown up to the changing times and put their marriage plans on hold to initiate positive moves in their career. However, the city also adds to one more glaring chapter to this report – women in Nagpur are remarkably taking up the responsibility of their families and confidently taking up the tasks which were once male forte.

From driving auto rickshaw to joining police force and breaking down on criminals and toiling at the construction site to become their families’ supporting pillars, women are working in almost every sphere visible in Nagpur. Not the least, even the chirpy females are zooming ahead when it comes to having fun, riding bikes and flaunting devil-may-care-attitude like their male counterparts.

Nagpur Today caught the women across various strata of society across varied profession in action.

Dedicated to serve…




Eliminating the notion that certain jobs were meant to be better carried by men’s brigade, city women are increasingly inclined toward khaki, and not just for the heck of it. This woman feels that she carries the larger responsibility on her shoulders than just flaunting the uniform. She has the tasks to finish until few more comes her way and keep serving for the betterment of society whenever the need arises, be it day or night.

Concrete Determination…


Deterring the hardships that the job at the construction site brings with it, this woman is determined to carry the things forward with high degree of dedication. So whatever the destiny brings to her and howsoever tough her path is, she appears spirited to take on every situation with the firmed hands and concrete efforts…so that she can build the happiness of her family.

Change is ‘Auto’matic


Ferrying her ambitions ahead, this woman is going places as she shed her inhibitions and braved to run auto rickshaw to ‘handle’ her family. This woman must have caught the attention of many who happens to see her testing the tough ride of life on the restless streets of Nagpur. Taking the situation and circumstances heads on, she dared to drive the change without any hitch.

Time to Check own’s Identity …


Gradually more women are coming to terms with the male’s niche while excellently performing in their territory. At the Nagpur airport, this woman performs a check on passengers and visitors and plays a reliable safe guard to keep the airport free from any unscrupulous element.

Riding ahead times…


Seeing the lady in pink, who landed from foreign society, our city mulgis too braved to ride high matching the guts and wits of their friends from foreign land. As the guy watches in awe, the ladies watching these gals absorbed a degree of inspiration from these overseas gals.