Published On : Mon, Nov 7th, 2016

Woman strangulated to death by employer right in front of her minor daughters

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Nagpur: In what could be termed as sheer rage, an employer strangulated to death his female employee right in front of her daughters on November 5, 2016.

According to police sources, the deceased woman is identified as Shaheen Anjum Ahmed aged 27 years and a resident of Raut Nagar, Nagpur. The deceased Shaheen Anjum Ahmed came in contact with the accused employer identified as Shaikh Shabbir Shaikh Ramzan aged 44 years and a resident of Tajabagh. The deceased came in contact with him five years ago after her husband had abandoned her. Shaheen had four daughters. Shaikh Shabbir employed the deceased at his cooler manufacturing factory in Raut Nagar and also gave her a room to stay on the factory premises itself.

The cooler trader Shaikh Shabbir strangulated the deceased female employee right in front of her minor daughters after doubting her character. While he was strangulating the deceased, her daughters ran away from the spot to their grandmother’s house situated around 500 meters away. Meanwhile, the accused Shaikh Shabbir had killed her and hung the dead body from the noose to project it as a case of suicide. The incident occurred in Raut Nagar in Kharbi under Nandanvan police station. His crime came to light after the frightened daughters spilled the beans on him.

Sources claimed that the accused Shabbir had started doubting Shaheen’s character from quite some time and had harassing her. He had also started preventing her from talking to others. As a result, they would often have problems. However, Shaheen had continued to work at his factory as she had no other financial support.

At 8 pm on Saturday the November 5, 2016, Shabbir once again picked up a quarrel with her and then started thrashing her. In a fit of rage, the accused had strangulated her which resulted in her death. At the time of the murder, her four kids were present in the house. Shabbir had allegedly threatened to kill them if they opened their mouths about the incident.

To project his crime as a case of suicide, he hung the lifeless dead body of Shaheen from the noose. Shaheen’s mother reached the place after being informed about the incident by Shaheen’s 12-year-old daughter Muskan. The accused then brought the body down. After his dastardly act, Shabbir moved around in the neighbourhood shouting expletives.
Shabbir abused and threatened the mother of Shaheen her too. Soon, when the news spread like wild fire, people of the area started gathering there, forcing Shabbir to flee from the spot. Neighbours rushed Shaheen to hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead. Her death has left her children orphaned.

PSI Pankaj Sayam of Nandanvan Police Station reached the spot on getting information. The children blurted out whatever happened and the post-mortem report too confirmed death by strangulation. The police booked Shabbir on charges of murder and has arrested him.