Published On : Sat, Oct 21st, 2017

Woman, her two minor daughters burgle gold booty from house in Tehsil, caught

Nagpur: A woman and her two teenage daughters struck at a house in Tehsil area and burgled gold ornaments worth Rs 1.24 lakh. But in a stupid act, accused woman adorned a stolen nose ring to be noticed by the owner. The accused mother has been arrested and her two daughters detained being minors.

The complainant, Lalita Raju Pure (47), resident of Timki, near Pivli Primary School, told police that she and her family were whitewashing her house on the eve of Diwali. Lalita kept her gold ornaments worth Rs 1.24 lakh in a steel box and hid the box in a tin kothi. After cleaning task, Lalita checked the tin kothi but was shocked to find the steel box missing.

Later it got revealed that the accused Lalita Arun Kolte (45) and her two daughters namely Sandhya (18) and Gayatri (17), all residents of Fish Market, Bajeriya, slyly entered Lalita Pure’s house through open door and decamped with the steel box containing gold ornaments. However, in an act of stupidity, the accused mother wore a stolen nose ring that was spotted by the owner Lalita Pure. She immediately registered a case with Tehsil Police Station in this connection.

Tehsil police constable booked the three accused under Section 380 of the IPC and placed Lalita Kolte under arrest. The two minor accused have been detained.