With no JNNURM funds, NMC projects in city take severe beating

Nagpur: Amidst Government’s flip-flop over continuation of JNNURM and conflicting reports of scrapping of the flagship scheme only to be launched with new name, the projects of Nagpur Municipal Corporation are taking a hit. The funding under JNNURM (Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission) has reportedly been stopped by Central Government. The move left many development projects launched by NMC in the lurch.


The Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission scheme was launched by the UPA Government in 2005 for a seven-year period. The programme was meant to improve the quality of life and infrastructure in the cities and to initiate steps for bringing phased improvements in their civic service levels. The government had extended the tenure of the mission for two years, i.e., from April 2012 to March 31 2014.

However, the Modi Government is all set to name its scheme to rejuvenate 500 cities and towns after the first BJP Prime Minister. This new avatar of JNNURM will now be known as Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT). It will be a 10-year programme with total investment of about Rs 2 lakh crore. Though UPA-II had done preparatory work to approve phase-II of JNNURM, it could not clear the scheme. The extended tenure of JNNURM-I ended last year.

The development projects launched by NMC under JNNURM were supposed to be completed by March 31, 2012. But the time limit was extended to March 31, 2014 by the Central Government due to non-completion of many projects. However, even after extension of time limit the development projects lagged behind and now face the fund crunch. A total of 19 projects were approved for Nagpur city and a total Rs 1487.25 crore were to be spent with share of Central Government being Rs 710.68 crore. Out of the amount, Rs 456.74 crore were received by NMC. However, even after extending the time limit, six projects could not be completed including the ambitious 24X7 Water Supply Scheme. Due to this delay, an amount of Rs 253.94 is pending with Central Government. On the other hand, the estimated cost of the project has touched Rs 1701.45 crore. The need of the hour is that either the time limit be extended or new project be activated on the lines of earlier project.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation has completed 12 out of 19 projects under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. However, the reported dumping of JNNURM scheme has hit the remaining seven projects hard. The Pench-4 Water Supply Project comprising four parts is one of the projects that has taken a severe beating for fund crunch.

The affected projects:

The schemes of Pench 4 Project’s Part 1 to 4 are hit hard for no funds under JNNURM.

The Part 1 scheme is of Rs 144.63 crore.  A pipeline of 2300 mm diameter has been laid in 27.3 km distance from Pench Reservoir to Mahadula. Intake Well, Pumping House, Bridges on Kanhan and Kolar Rivers have been constructed.

Part-II is to be completed at a cost of Rs 61.96 crore. : A pipeline of 11.8 km length from from Godhni Water Purification Plant to Rajbhavan MBR is to be laid. However, only 12.2 km work has been completed.  Out of the proposed 24 water tanks to be built in Nagpur, work of 20 is completed.

In Part-III, the water supply arrangement has to be strengthened including laying of 269 km pipeline. Even though NMC claims of work progressing smoothly the stoppage of funds under JNNURM is certainly taking the toll of the project.

With its own participation the NMC is supplying water to Mahagenco’s Koradi-based project for generation of electricity. For this, 130 MLD of sewage water will be processed and supplied to Mahagenco. The project was estimated to cost Rs 130 crore but the nagging delay has put the cost in the bracket of Rs 185 crore. The proposal was expected to leave NMC richer by Rs 15 crore annually. 24X7 Water Supply Scheme is underway. The scheme is likely to facilitate 24-hour water supply to citizens.

Sewege treatment plant in North Nagpur:

The water supply position in Nagpur is 150 liter per citizen per day and around 125-130 liters of water is drained out as sewage water. A total of 400 MLD of sewage reaches the drains. More the water supply more will be the sewage. This situation will pose various hazards in future if measures to control the sewage flow are not initiated. Keeping the hazardous situation in mind the NMC has proposed to set up a 491.14 crore Sewage Treatment Plant in North Nagpur apart from the existing Bhandewadi Plant. Though the proposal has got approval from Central Government, no funds have been released putting the project in limbo.

At present, Bhandewadi Plant is treating 70-80 MLD of sewage water and another project with capacity to treat 130 MLD of sewage water is nearing completion. The total capacity will be to treat 200-210 MLD of filthy water but is not enough to treat mounting sewage water drainage. Therefore, the North Nagpur Sewage Treatment Plant is necessary.

A master plan of Rs 120 crore for facelift of Nag, Pili and Pora Rivers and DPR have been sent to Central Government through the State Government. This proposal is also gathering dust. Similarly, proposals for other vital projects such as Manish Nagar Flyover, Ajni Railway Station Flyover, Jaripatka Railway Overbridge are pending.

– RAJEEV RANJAN KUSHWAHA(rajeev.nagpurtoday@gmail.com)