With eyes on Prabhag structure, parties weigh pros & cons in NMC polls

NMC PollsNagpur: Even though the State Government has issued a notification carving 4-member Prabhag system for next NMC elections, the local body administration seems to be lukewarm towards the system and doing nothing worthwhile. On the other hand, major political parties, including the ruling BJP, have started assessing the pros and cons of the 4-member Prabhag system. The Opposition parties, particularly the Congress, however, for political reasons, feeling ‘insecure’ with the system. If the party finds unfavorable equations in the structure of Prabhags, the party may knock the doors of courts and challenge the system.

The structure of 4-member Prabhags would be based on the laid down conditions of population, natural limits, main roads etc. In this scenario the possibility of merger of two prabhags for carving out one new prabhag seems remote. But the structure will see many prabhags dismantled and many united. The ruling party in NMC, State and the nation, will leave no stone unturned to ensure the Prabhag structure is carved out in their favour. All out efforts and strategies, from inside and outside, are on to gain power in NMC again through the 4-member Prabhag system.

Plan to defeat bigwigs:

In the last poll, many bigwig Corporators had lost the election by less than 1000 votes in the two-member Prabhag system. However, this time the top Congress leaders see the 4-member Prabhag system will prove to be a boon for the party. A multi-member system will work in Congress favour and result in electoral gains. But the BJP has some different plans in mind. The party can poach the edgy Congress leaders and merge their Prabhags into BJP supportive ones. With these tactics, the way to power could be easier for the party.

BJP plans to spend Rs 4 crore on each 4-member Prabhag:

If the BJP finds candidates of its liking and fields them then the party could pour in between Rs 2-4 crore in 4-member Prabhag. The plan is to win 2-3 seats in their party’s favour. On the other hand, Congress cannot dare to spend so much money. The party is bereft of funds but galore in leaders.

– Rajeev Ranjan Kushwaha ( rajeev.nagpurtoday@gmail.com )