Published On : Tue, Apr 8th, 2014

With dry days on, Excise officials work overtime to seize consignment of illicit liquor in Nagpur


Nagpur News.

As the poll campaign comes to an end on Tuesday evening, various practices to lure the voters are coming to the fore. The crucial days from April 8 to April 10, the voting day, have been declared as dry days but the crooked minds are involving every tactic to have their way. However, the plans went awry with the Excise Department keeping a watchful eye on every consignment being transported to various parts of the city. In a similar catch, excise officials found considerable quantity of liquor being carried into the milk containers. The officials intercepted a man on a scooter with milk cans. When asked, he claimed that he was carrying milk for the children. But when the milk cans were opened, the officials were shocked to recover 50 litres of country liquor (Mahua) filled into the cans. The officials seized the consignment and arrested the man.

Meanwhile, the excise department has sent out an appeal to the masses to refrain from falling prey to such temptations and cast their vote in the conscious of their minds. They have also appealed to provide key information on such malpractices in order to maintain a complete check on such unscrupulous means.

Beware…this liquor could be spurious

The officials have warned the public at large or the citizens of Nagpur not to procure or buy liquor from anyone, because a huge cache of illicit or spurious liquor has arrived into the city. Consuming this liquor could be fatal and one could lose their life.

500 litres of country liquor seized

Keeping in mind the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and the common practice of the candidates to woo the voters and the party activists, the personnel of State Excise Department were deployed on every check post. This move yielded result and a car which was moving suspiciously was intercepted and the officials found 500 litres of country liquor. However, taking advantage of the huge crowd that had gathered on the spot, the driver of the car escaped from the spot. The police are on the lookout for him.

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