With 6 days to go, Gadkari continues rallying to cover all areas

Nagpur Today: With just 6 more days to D-Day, BJP too has intensified the rallying. Nitin Gadkari has started to cover more places in the chosen zone for the day. Braving the intense heat from the sun, Gadkari continues to campaign and seek people’s support and votes. The citizens of the areas where he is scheduled to visit too await him. They greet him and assure support to him and his party in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections

Nagpur Today pursued Nitin Gadkari on his 10th day of poll campaign rally:

09:45 am: Gorewada Road, Gittikhadan


10:00 am: Borgaon


10:10 am: Bhupesh Nagar


10:15 am: Ahbab Colony


10:30 am: Utthan Nagar


10:40 am: Paloti Nagar


10:50 am: Rathod Colony


11:00 am: Ananth Nagar